10 Stickman Games – Android and iOS in 2022

Draw a Stickman Crazy Games yourself, draw a circle with two dots in it as his eyes, draw a straight line from his face downwards, and attach two arms and two legs. Here is your Stickman! Well, at least for those who don’t know drawing at all. You must have drawn Stickman once or multiple times in your childhood.

These days, Stickman has evolved with more facial features and animations. Stickman Games are also popular nowadays and people really like to play such games during leisure hours.

These games are easy to play and you can play them even while watching TV or thinking about your next day’s schedule.

Stickman Games usually have a Stickman character that you need to control to win the level. There are many levels in these games and the UI of these games is always made attractive and easy to understand.

Stickman Games can be your best time pass. Stickman Games Online and Offline are available for playing.

The Best Stickman Games

There are many options available for Stickman Games and you can choose your favorite to play during your leisure hours.

These games can hold your attention for hours sometimes but they are always easy to play. Stickman Games Android and iOS are easily available at their respective stores.

The list of Best Stickman Games is given below.

1. Stick War: Legacy

Developer: Max Games Studios

Platform: Android, iOS

Released on: Jan 31, 2016

In-app purchases: $2.49 – $139.99 per item

Stick War: Legacy is one of the best Stickman Games where in the universe of Inamorta, each country has created its own method of defense and offense. They have grown infatuated to the point of idolatry, turning weaponry into religion, since they are so proud of their unique skill.

“Archidons,” “Swordwrath,” “Magikill,” and “Speartons” are the names of the nations. You are the head of the nation known as “Order.” Your path is one of peace and wisdom, and not of weapons.  This marks you as a target for infiltration by neighboring countries.


  • Different modes: Mission Mode, Classic Campaign, Endless Dead Zombie Mode, Tournament mode
  • Three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Insane
  • Multiple rewards and maps
  • New blood effects and taking damage animations
  • Multiple new skins and powerful weapons, and armor

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2. Sift Heads Reborn

Developer: Pyrozen

Platform: Android, iOS

Released on: May 30, 2019

In-app purchases: $0.99 – $45.99 per item

Sift Heads Reborn is one of the best Free shooting games including challenges and levels. Are you ready to enter a world of crime that is crimson and dark? You can join forces with Vinnie, Kiro, and Shorty to take on various cartels all throughout the world.

In this spectacular Shooting game, you may purchase various ammo, firearms, and weapons, as well as improve them. As the journey progresses, get additional talents for each character.

You can have countless hours of fun. There are about 80 tasks in the game. You need to choose the battle techniques including the sniper, shotgun, machine gun, and assault guns.


  • More than 80 missions
  • Monthly rewards
  • 20 different languages supported
  • Different tactics: Sniper, Shotgun, Machine gun, Assault rifles
  • Different cities and maps
  • Updates regularly with new missions and challenges
  • Attractive collectibles in a criminal organization

3.Stickman Party

Developer: PlayMax Game Studio

Platform: Android, iOS

Released on: Mar 23, 2019

In-app purchases: $0.99 – $19.99 per item

Stickman Party is one of the best Stickman Games with single-player and local multiplayer options. The game can be played by one, two, three, or even four players on the same device.

Stickman games have simple rules to follow. You may play this game without the internet or Wi-Fi because it is designed for offline, local multiplayer, and one-on-one play.

The more people playing together, the more fun it is; but, if no one is available to play with, you may play alone for one person to hone your abilities in preparation for future victory when you play with your friends.


  • Multiple modes: Football, Micro car rally racing, Stickman clash, Bounce the ball, Paint the colors
  • One-click operations
  • Multiple players can play – up to four
  • 40 different games
  • Challenge your friends and family
  • Available for free

4. Stick Fight

Developer: NetEase Games

Platform: Android, iOS

Released on: Jul 16, 2019

In-app purchases: $0.99 – $99.99 per item

Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is a mobile version of the official stick-fighting game. You can join the entertaining brawler, a physics-based couch/online combat game in which you fight as legendary stick figures from the internet’s golden period.

The game allows you to test your skills against friends and Stick Fight aficionados from all around the world. You can run, leap, and battle with the Stick figure. In 4-stick combat free-for-alls, pit your wits against each other.

You can rank the top four players after nine matches. There are available plenty of amusing weaponry and over 100 maps. With action-packed free-for-all duels, you can relive the iconic Stick figure cartoons!


  • Multiplayer supported – up to three
  • 100 map
  • Numerous weapons like guns, and bombs
  • Built-in level editor for customized maps
  • Brand new avatars and color systems
  • Online game to play with people around the World

5.Stickman Hook

Developer: Madbox

Platform: Android, iOS

Released on: Nov 2, 2018

In-app purchases: $2.99 – $6.99 per item

Stickman Hook is a new MadBox game in which you have to take on the role of the spider Stickman. You have to tap to hook and do spectacular leaps; avoiding all obstacles in your path. You have to complete all of the stages with the agility of a spider.

To do so, simply tap to hook and perform spectacular leaps. To hook your stickman with your grapnel, press and hold the screen, then release to let go. Every stumbling block should be avoided. Swing from one hook to the next to complete all of the levels.

Perform acrobatic stunts with the bumpers and your grapnel to show your buddies who’s boss! You can swing like a spider, dance-like, like and spider, and can do better than a spider.


  • Attractive and Simple gameplay
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Allows you to post dance moves on Facebook
  • Multiple levels and challenges
  • Easy controls

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6.Super Action Hero: Stick Fight

Developer: Com2uS

Platform: Android, iOS

Released on: Nov 30, 2020

In-app purchases: $0.99 – $99.99 per item

Super Action Hero: Stick Fight is a simple-to-play action mobile game. You have to tap the Stickman to beat foes and discover new talents that will help you get to the next levels. Welcome to the ultimate stick figure playground. Make yourself become a world-class superhero duelist and save the world.

To move and punch the adversary, use the 2 keys. Learn the necessary abilities to attempt a jump shot or an uppercut. It’s not necessary to use both hands. To experience the epic battle, all you need is one hand. You may play the game in landscape or portrait mode.

Select a skill and assault the adversary as you see fit. View a variety of fight animations. On the backdrop, enjoy delightful items from the world of scribbles. Collect distinctive masks to boost the Stickman’s strength and appearance.


  • Easy & Simple Battle
  • A Variety of Gameplay
  • Special Masks & Dojo System
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Easy controls and attractive interface

7. Stickman Basketball

Developer: Djinnworks GmbH

Platform: Android, iOS

Released on: Oct 17, 2016

In-app purchases: $0.99 per item

Stickman Basketball is one another Stickman Games with fast-paced gameplay, an amazing ambiance, breathtaking clean animations, simple controls, tremendous action, and plenty of replay value.

The game allows you to choose your favorite team and rise through the ranks while competing in a variety of seasons, tournaments, and events at stunning stadiums or just dominating in street basketball.

You can choose whether you want complete control over your players with manual running and shooting time, or if you want to utilize the automated running option, which allows you to manage exact pass timing and watch your players do stunning incredible dunks. Choose from 115 different competent teams to lead to victory.


  • More than 115 teams, leagues, cups, and official WBCBL women league
  • Multiplayer mode with 4 players
  • Powerful touch controls
  • Three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard
  • Attractive animations with 60 frames per second
  • Automatic or Manual Running

8. Red & Blue Stickman

Developer: Azura Global

Platform: Android, iOS

Released on: Mar 20, 2021

In-app purchases: $0.99 – $1.99 per item

Red & Blue Stickman is a fun platform puzzle game in which you must simultaneously manage two characters. To go to the exit door, control both animals simultaneously and use buttons to move platforms, push boxes, and gather diamonds.

In this wonderful cooperation adventure game, the courageous heroes Water blue girl and Fire red guy are going to discover out.

One day, fire and ice collide, and the hot boy has misplaced the map, while the ice girl needs to return home. The Temple Forest Jungle, on the other hand, is full of traps, and to go through it, they must complete several maze puzzle quests. Follow their lead.

Using the arrows, move Lavaboy and Ice Water girl while avoiding obstacles. The water must be avoided by Red Boy, while the fire must be avoided by Blue Girl. Collect as many gems as you can. Join them on a romantic journey, escape the temple forest, and safely return home.


  • Multiple maps and levels being updated frequently
  • Easy controls and addictive teamwork gameplay
  • Attractive characters and design
  • Amazing graphics and smooth control

9. Prison Break: Stickman Adventure

Developer: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.

Platform: Android, iOS

Released on: Mar 17, 2021

In-app purchases: $2.99 – $6.99 per item

Prison Break: Stickman Adventure involves Lupin 19th, a devotee of Arsène Lupin, and a fictitious gentleman thief and master of disguise. His pastime is going on adventures throughout the world in jails. Challenges, stumbling blocks, and hurdles all pique his curiosity.

Nothing will be able to stop him from fleeing. Each jail has its own set of peculiarities, which he must overcome with the help of exceptional talents. You have to travel with him to many other jails throughout the world.


  • Different levels with different outcomes
  • Simple and addictive gameplay
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Multiple levels and challenges
  • Easy controls

10. Shadow of Death: Dark Knight

Developer: Bravestars Games

Platform: Android, iOS

Released on: Apr 3, 2018

In-app purchases: $0.99 – $99.99 per item

Shadow of Death is a knight game in a shadow combat pattern. Save the lost kingdom by banding together against the looming threat of war. In the game, play a fascinating pocket-sized fantasy action RPG.

Shadow of Death is an offline knight game that does not require the use of the internet. It is a game that pushes the boundaries of mobile gaming.

Players may choose from four distinct shadow knights, numerous gameplay styles, and a plethora of uncommon armor sets to conquer a harsh dark realm. You have to take out that black blade, gather some allies, and slice the shadows.


  • Stickman Shadow Fighter
  • Conquer the Darkness in Shadow Legends Style
  • Attractive Ruined World
  • Allows playing Anywhere, Anytime
  • Challenge the Shadow Universe

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Wrapping Up

Sit on your couch, grab a coffee cup, and indulge in the fun by choosing any game you like from the above-mentioned list. These Stickman Games are free but contain In-app purchases. These games are easy to play and contain spectacular graphics. Enjoy Stickman Games on your Android or iOS during your leisure hours.


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