How to Go Back to Windows 10 From Windows 11

Windows is a widely used operating system worldwide because of its unlimited features at less cost. Normally in PCs or Laptops, Windows operating system is used unless or until it wasn’t ha Mac device.

After the success of Windows 10, Microsoft developed Windows 11 last June with multiple innovations like providing you with a Mac-like interface, provides you with unlimited Android apps in Windows 11, etc. all the features are quite similar to Mac OS.

You can get unlimited in-built apps like Microsoft team and skype that you wouldn’t find in Windows 10 and have to install every time. Windows 11 provided you with unlimited features but still, most people are thinking about How to Go Back to Windows 10 From Windows 11 or how to go back to Windows 10 home, etc. What are the reasons behind it?

Reason Behind Why people want to Go back to Windows 10

Windows 11 is considered to be the award-winning operating system among people but still, most people want to know how to go back to Windows 10 from windows 11, the reason behind this is that there are multiple things that you can’t find in Windows 11 operating system. Some of those drawbacks are listed below

  • Hardware requirements are too Demanding in Windows 11

Most people thinking about how to convert windows 10 to windows 11 but Windows 11 requirement is very demanding means it does not provides you standalone license. So before installing Windows 11 you have to convert your old version like 7 8 into Windows 10 because Windows 11 hardware just can be installed in Windows 10.

  • It is quite difficult to change Default Apps in Windows 11

In Windows 11, you must explicitly designate each file type to the program you wish to use for it in order to create a default app. This implies that you must navigate through all the file formats and protocols a web browser interacts with, such as BMP, DNG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, NEF, and so on, rather than changing a single option to make, for instance, CyberLink Photo Director your preferred picture software for all images.

  • Startup menu is less usable in Windows 11 than in Windows 10

Because Windows 11 provides an interface similar to the MacOs which is quite difficult to use. So that is why the start-up button or start-up menu of each Windows operating system is on the right and provides easy to use interface. But in Windows 11 Start-up option or menu lies in between the taskbar just like in Mac OS which is not convenient.

  • It is Compulsory to use Edge Browser in Windows 11

After knowing how to make windows 10 to windows 11, most people are complaining that Windows 11 doesn’t allow you to install your own browser and use it as a default browser. Windows 11 insist on using Edge Browser.

  • Need Third-party antivirus for Windows 11

Windows 11 provides you with better security but still, you need third-party antivirus like Avast, etc. because most of the viruses are not caught by the protection given by Windows 11.

Methods of How to Go Back to Windows 10 from Windows 11

If you tried Windows 11 but did not like the features of Windows 11 and the drawbacks of Windows 11 irritated you then here we will provide you with easy steps to know how to convert windows 10 to Windows 11. Let’s discuss two of the common methods in detail.

1. How to Go back to Windows 10 from Windows 11 within the first 10 days

If you just installed Windows 11 and you want to go back to Windows 10 within 10 days then use these easy steps.

Step1: From the System Tab, open ‘Settings’.

Step2: Select the ‘Recovery’ option by scrolling down the page.

Step3: In Recover Option, you found an option for the “Previous Version of Windows” section. Click the ‘Go Back’ button to begin the process.

Step4: Choose any of the options from the Windows that appear and tap the ‘Next’ button.

Step5: When asked to check for updates, click ‘No Thanks.

Step6: Click the Next button from the next Two screens and select ‘Go back to early build’ in order to start a process.

2. How to Go back to Windows 10 from Windows 11 after 10 days

If it has been more than 10 days since you have installed Windows 11 and the steps that we provided earlier do not respond, then follow these steps to know How to Go back to Windows 10 from Windows 11.

Step1: Go to the Microsoft website’s Windows 10 download page.

Step2: Click “Download tool now” next to “Create Windows 10 installation media.”

Step3: After completion, click the Download file to open it.

Step4: From the pop-up box select ‘Yes’ to the option of ‘Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?’

Step5: You will see the Windows 10 setup option. After accepting all terms and conditions, click Next.

Step6: For a few moments, the “Getting a few things ready” screen will appear. On the following page, select “Upgrade this PC instantly,” then click “Next.”

Step7: Latest version of Windows 10 will be started downloading. In a meantime, you can operate your PCs or laptops.

Step8: After the completion of downloading, click ‘Next’ and then ‘Accept’ from the following screen.

Step9: Make sure you choose “Nothing” from the “Choose what to keep” page, then click “Next” once again.

Step10: Now you are on the page that says “Ready to install.” To start the procedure, click “Install,” but be aware that once you do so, you cannot undo it.

Wrapping Up

That’s all! Despite the fact that Windows 11 is an award-winning operating system and most people also love it. Few of them also don’t love most of the aspects of Windows 11 and that is why they wanted to know How to Go back to Windows 10 from Windows 11. By using these simple steps, you can easily get back to Windows 10.












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