Best Games Like Twelve Minutes in 2022

One of the most intriguing sorts of stories, games, and game stories are those that construct a fascinating universe with a set of rules and then allow you to experience the butterfly effect that results from your interaction with those rules.

The adventure game 12 Minutes is a great illustration of it. It appears to be a conventional (though incredibly interactive) point-and-click adventure game with a fascinating storyline. Or, it would be if not for its main mechanic. The game’s name comes from the fact that it takes place within a 12-minute Groundhog Day scenario.

The story of the game centers on a guy who has been caught in a time loop, and it takes place in a visually magnificent setting. Prepare yourself for the drag and drop interface of real-time top-down interactive gaming.

You move about the map of the game from a top-down perspective while dealing with a combination of time travel and dream-like tensions. It takes place in a 3D environment where the player is plunged to figure out the mysteries and tell the plot.

List of Games Like Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is considered to be the best game but the only drawback of this game is that it is not available on Mac, Android, or iOS, that is why there are multiple games similar to 12 Minutes released.

Below is the list containing all the Games like 12 Minutes

1. Time Master

First game in the list of Games similar to 12 Minutes is Time Master which is developed by MorpheusZ and is a single-player Puzzle game, with time manipulation and a rich storyline.

The game contains a heartbreaking plot in which the protagonist loses his sister, Sophia, in a terrible accident. But then a mysterious voice enters, promising him that he might be able to retrieve his sister.

The magnificent setting in which the game is set is home to a number of puzzle mechanisms that let you interact with the player character’s special skills.

Experience the entertaining, cinematic plot that is full of surprises. As the player advances through the game, the difficulty level steadily rises from the beginning.

2. Hunter Assassin

Among other games like Twelve Minutes, it is considered to be another best game.  It covers Ruby Game Studios’ Time Manipulation and Interactive Story components.

In order to complete a sequence of puzzles, the player wanders around a maze-like environment from a top-down perspective. In the game, you take control of an assassin who must hunt down each target one by one.

Use the darkness and shadows around you to avoid spotlights and other objects in the meantime. With the use of automated machine guns, quickly engage your foe while avoiding detection.

Each defeated enemy will produce jewels, which you may gather and spend to unlock assassins who move more quickly.

3. The Stanley Parable

Another game in the list of Games similar to twelve minutes is The Stanley Parable. You both will and won’t play the role of Stanley. You will either follow a tale or you won’t.

Either you will have a choice or you won’t. Although the game will end, it won’t ever end. The laws of how games should operate are broken, then broken again, in a cycle of contradiction. You were not intended to comprehend this planet.

But as you continue to investigate, gradually, meaning starts to emerge, the contradictions may begin to make sense, and perhaps you really are strong after all. The game is calling you to dance, not to oppose it.

4. The Room

Another game in the list of Games similar to Twelve is The Room. The puzzles in 12 Minutes may make players want more puzzle games in their life even though The Room isn’t a dramatic time loop game.

Although the Room doesn’t really have a storyline, it is undoubtedly a mystery. The player is welcomed to a mansion’s attic that has been abandoned.

A cast-iron safe has a message inside of it. The message explains that the safe contains something extraordinary, but in order to discover what it is, you must first solve the puzzles that are within.

The Room was so popular that it spawned three sequels and a virtual reality game. The well-known puzzle game debuted on iOS in 2012, but due to its popularity, it has now been adapted to other platforms.

5. Relash

Among other games like twelve minutes, this game is considered to be the best game because Relash is a Windows video game that combines action with time manipulation and puzzles for a single player.

The hero of the narrative must work with his history in a universe where time travel is a reality. In the science-fiction setting of the game, damaged windows are being repaired while boxes that have fallen to the ground are rising to their former positions.

You can adopt a new perspective while playing the game to solve tricky tasks. Therefore, try to unravel the enigma and make the world’s challenges more challenging. There are several difficulty levels to choose from, and each one has a different set of tasks to fulfill.

6. Last Stop

Another game in the list of games similar to 12 Minutes is Last Stop in which three people travel on a supernatural quest. The opening scene of the game shows buddies Peter and Samantha robbing a cop while racing through the London Underground to escape getting caught.

When they get there, a guy unlocks a door to a portal and invites them to pass through. Samantha does, but Peter is hesitant and remains in the background. He finally tries to enter the room, but Samantha and the portal have vanished.

The game then switches between various John, Meena, and Donna characters and their trips through the portals. On the PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch, Last Stop has been widely released.

7. Garden Between

The Gardens Between is a puzzle and single-player video game available for Android and iOS that was created by The Voxel Agents. The action of the game is set in the enigmatic region where the hero has been lost.

Players learn about a time flow along the voyage and gain the power to alter time to solve challenging puzzles.

You may play the game at any time, anywhere, thanks to the offline option. There are several difficult locations to choose from; each has a unique setting and a number of difficult activities.

Use a side-scrolling perspective to explore the terrain, interact with items, and look for hints to unlock the riddles.

8. Inua – A Story in Ice and Time

Another single-player adventure game with time manipulation features among other games like 12 minutes is  Inua: A Story in Ice and Time created by The Pixel Hunt and released across many platforms by Arte France.

It has gameplay that is comparable to 12 Minutes and has a spooky story that significantly draws on historical data. There are a number of difficult problems that combine elements of space and time manipulation.

While making decisions to get to a conclusion, the player controls a figure whose ultimate purpose is to restore the natural cycle of the land. Each scenario in the game is located in a distinct setting and consists of many sequences.

9. Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is an action-adventure game where you play as an astronaut who is out exploring the solar system and realizes they’re locked in a 22-minute time-loop that resets when the sun goes supernova.

This game sticks with the idea of time loops. The player maintains knowledge that will aid them in their quest to halt the supernova when each time loop refreshes.


The first-person, open-world game was initially launched in 2019 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PS4. Since then, the publisher has stated that the game would be ported to the Nintendo Switch in Q3 of 2021.

The game, which was published by Annapurna Interactive and was similar to 12 Minutes, expanded its library of top-notch titles.

10. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

In terms of time-loop games among other games like 12 minutes games, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is truly groundbreaking. Although it wasn’t the first ever created, gamers undoubtedly remember it.

Link embarks on a trip unlike any other thanks to Majora’s Mask. A parallel world to Hyrule called Termina is where Link finds himself following the events of Ocarina of Time.

When he arrives, he learns that the moon impacted the planet three days ago, putting the entire globe in danger. To prevent the terrible calamity, Link must navigate through several variants of the three-day timeframe.

In a Nutshell

That’s all! If you are an avid games lover and love to play games like 12 Minutes then you will definitely love other games similar to twelve minutes which are very easy to play and is similar to the fantasy world. Here we are discussing a few of the games like twelve minutes. So, select one of them and Enjoy. Also share it with others.






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