How to Empty Trash & Remove Junk Files on Android

In the 21st century, the use of smartphones is increasing among people as it is said to be one of the best technology that combines all the functions of phones and computers in it. PCs and Laptops use different operating systems to work or start the same Mobile phones require different operating systems to start.

The most common of them were iOS and Android. Both of these operating systems provide you with unlimited functions and features. But Android is said to be a widely used operating system because it provides you unlimited features at a low cost. One of that features is Storage space.

But our smartphones have to deal with different unlimited files and folders and other than important files junk files also came into your Smartphone and your phones started slowing down. It is quite frustrating that you have to perform any work but it becomes impossible due to junk files.

Other than this did you ever face a problem with Low storage? I guess everyone has faced this type of problem as we installed a lot of files and due to those files unlimited junk and trash came into our Phones, which is very much irritating.

But now you don’t have to worry as there are unlimited methods with which you can remove junk files from Android, Remove Junk Files from iPhone, and also can Remove Junk Files from Laptop. In this content, we will provide you easiest methods to remove trash but before moving towards the step we have to find out what type of trash can cause a problem.

Types of Trash Files on Android

There are unlimited types of trash that come up due to many reasons like cache files that come automatically from different applications you install on your Smartphone.

Cache can come up due to photos, videos, and other files. Like if you install an app and this file will automatically generate a junk folder with it. Then if you have deleted that app but still that junk folder remains on your phone that can be a source of less storage and slow processing.

Methods to Empty Trash & Remove Junk Files on Android

It is very much necessary for you to clean up your smartphones for better performance. So here we will discuss different techniques of How To Empty Trash & Remove Junk Files on Android.

Let’s discuss different methods of How to Empty Trash & Remove Junk Files on Android

1. Clear The Cached Data

Cache is data that comes up automatically with any application you install but it takes a lot of storage In your phones. So you have to remove it for best performance. Follow these easy steps to remove Cache.

Step1: Open up “Settings” from your phone and select “Apps”.

Step2: From Apps, Select “Manage Apps” and after that select those apps whose cached data you want to remove.

Step3: Go to “App Storage”. Visit the Storage of different applications and click on the “Clear Cache” Button.

Step4: After that, all the Cache from your phones will be cleared.

Clear All apps cache in One Go

Step 1: Go to “Setting” and then open up “Storage”. Then you will see the Manage Storage option on the screen.

Step2: Click on Manage Storage Option and scan for cache to clean up your mobile.

Step3: Click on the Clean up All option from your screens and your all cache will be deleted from your phone.

2. Remove Unwanted Downloaded files you Don’t Need

Most of us download random files that we would not use but those files took more storage space on our phones. So it is important to delete those files. Follow these steps to remove unwanted downloaded files.

Step1: From Home Screen. Go to “Download Folder” and Open It.

Step2: Select all the files that you don’t need anymore and click ‘OK’. All your unwanted files will delete immediately.

3. Uninstall Least Used Apps

Most of the time see install an application that is used by us for one time and after that, we forget to delete that application. Those applications took up more space on our Phones. Follow these steps to uninstall those apps.

Step1: Long press the “Application icon” you want to uninstall from the Home screen.

Step2: You will see ‘App Info’. Select it and Uninstall apps you want to delete. 

Step3: Popup will appear with a box saying that ‘Do you want to uninstall this app’. Select ‘OK’ to uninstall.

4. Use Trash Cleaner Application

It is one of the best applications with which you can remove hidden caches easily. From Google Play Store, you can get unlimited Clean Master Apps to clean android trash. Clean Master is one of those apps. Follow this step to remove trash by using Clean Master.

Step1: Download the Clean Up app from Play Store and open up the App.

Step2: Select Optimize option. After that this app will start searching for junk files.

Step3: After Completing Process. You will get an option of “Clean Junk”. By tapping on that option you will get cleaned phones.

5. Use Smart Storage

It is an application that helps to delete duplicate data or any unwanted data from your Phone. Follow this easiest step to remove junk.

Step1: Open Up “Settings” on your phone.

Step2: Click on ‘Storage’ and Turn on ‘Smart Storage Manager’

Step3: It will automatically run in the background and remove all unwanted or junk from your phones.

Wrapping Up

That is all! In this article, we provided you with how to Empty Trash & Remove junk files on Android. With these methods, you can easily remove cache and junk files and get the best performance of your Smartphone. So select one of these techniques but I recommend first removing your cache and checking out the performance. Then use other methods if it does not work. Also share it with others.


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