How to block a website in Google Chrome permanently for Computers and Android Phones in 2022

Nowadays internet surfing is famous among people around the globe. Everyone uses different browsers to search for a specific topic of their interest.

Like in the iOS Operating system the web browser used was Safari which provides much protection and security. But one of the best browsers used by people on Phones as well as on PCs is Google Chrome.

Google Chrome is the best web browser available in the market because it provides you with multiple features like providing you complete password protection, it allows you to Sync Chrome across any device, providing you with the dark mode, helps you to stay organized with your opened tabs.

The ability to block a website in Google Chrome is one of the most essential features that other browsers in the field have, but Google Chrome is also one that lacks this feature.

Why do You Want to Block Websites in Google Chrome?

Some websites attempt to steal our personal information, others put viruses onto our devices, while yet others just provide pointless and worthless material. Even if you might avoid them, doing so is not a good idea if other people are using your smartphone.

It is preferable to block these websites in such a situation. By blocking the unwanted websites you will never be able to access them.

Methods to Block Websites in Google Chrome for PC and Android

There are various methods with which you can block a website in Google Chrome Permanently for Computers and Android Phones. By doing so you can search for everything without any disturbance.

Let’s discuss here methods to block Websites in Google Chrome for PC and Android.

1. Block Websites in Google Chrome for PCs

There are various methods to block websites in Google Chrome for PCs and one of them is Block Site Extension.

Step1: Install Block Site Google Chrome Extension and add it to your browser

Downloading a browser extension is the simplest way for users to block the websites they are able to access using Google Chrome. We advise using “Block Site,” which is accessible through the Chrome online store.

Choose “Add to Chrome” in the top-right corner of your screen after finding the Block Site extension or another reliable add-on.

Step 2: In the pop-up box, select ‘Add Extension

When you select “Add to Chrome,” a popup box appears with the key functions of the extension. If you’re happy with your selection, select “Add extension” to formally add the extension to your browser.

Step3: On your Chrome screen, look for the extension’s icon in the top right corner

Once your extension has been downloaded, a new icon with an orange shield with a circle and a diagonal line across the center will show up at the top of your Chrome browser. To ensure the extension has been installed, make sure this icon appears.

Step4: Visit a site you wish to block from then on

Open up the site you don’t want to see again like any website where there is a chance of stealing your personal information. Simple click on the orange button from the top left corner and click on “Block this Site”.

2. Block Websites in Google Chrome for Android Phones

If you often use Chrome on your Android device to browse the web, you may need to block specific websites to ensure greater productivity throughout the day.

Recall the “Block Site” browser add-on from the earlier in this article desktop instructions. You may download this extension as an app for mobile devices. Here’s how to use it on your smartphone to ban particular websites

Step 1: Install the Block Site app from Google Play Store and Open up the App

Google Play, often known as the Play Store, is a native program that comes preinstalled on your Android device. You may download both free and premium apps to your phone from this store. After installation is complete, open up this app on your phone.

Step 2: Select the “Enable” option from the app in your phone’s settings

On your mobile device, launch the BlockSite app and select “Go to settings” when asked. The app will direct you to the app settings on your phone. To take over your browser and block the websites you don’t wish to visit, you must enable the program.

In the list of options, look for this app and choose it. Either “Enable” the app or “Use service” will be requested of you. The app will be activated for you if you tap one of them.

Step3: Tap the “+” icon to block your website or app

Return to the Block Site app after enabling it, and then press the green “+” button in the bottom-right corner of your smartphone’s screen. By typing the name of either a website or a mobile app into the search field, this will reveal a screen where you may block it.

Step4: To ensure that the website has been banned, tap the checkmark in the top-right corner of the screen

When you enter the whole URL of the website you wish to block, a green checkmark will appear in the top-right corner of your screen. You can effectively block this website if you tap it.

You may change or remove websites and applications from your blocked list at any time on the page that follows.

In a Nutshell

That’s all! There are various methods to block unwanted sites in Google Chrome but the extensions method would be preferable because it includes features like time-based blocking, profanity blocking, and other functionality in addition to just blocking websites. So, use this method and browse without any distractions.


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