10 Free Legal MP3 Music Download Sites – Android and iOS in 2022

Jump for joy. In a life full of tough and busy routines Music is a source of joy and excitement for people. Music lovers might need different Music Players or Downloaders to download the music of their desire.

Nowadays the trend of video streaming is increasing day by day but on the other hand, Music is also very significant for people nowadays, as it is quite easy to download music of the best quality of your choice.

With Free Legal Mp3 Music Download Sites, now you do not want CDs to listen to or download the songs.

Downloading music with videos is quite difficult as it took a lot of time and also a lot of space but Mp3 is a format of music that helps you to compress data of your audio and reduce the file size of your audio.

Now, this format of encoding is becoming famous among people as different people use it to convert Video files into Audio to listen to their desired songs easily.

The Best Free Legal MP3 Music Download Sites­

There are unlimited Free Legal MP3 Music Download Sites­ that help you to download music of your choice with the best sound quality.

Now you don’t have to worry about downloading media via illegal sites as these sites are secure and safe. Let us discuss here the most popular sites with the help of which you can discover some undiscovered gems and listen to the music very easily.

The list below contains the Best MP3 Music Download Sites ­for Android and iOS.

1. Spotify –Listening is everything

It is an on-demand streaming and downloading site founded by Daniel EK and Martin Lorentzon that allows people to listen to download the music of their favorite artists or Podcasts.

Among other Free Legal MP3 Music Download Sites­, you can get new tracks and musicians according to your search intent and playlist. Moreover, it is popular among people and become famous for accessing any content of your choice for free.

Advantages of Spotify

  • You can share your music experience with others.
  • Helps to download unlimited music with the best voice quality.
  • Get an extensive library of songs.

Disadvantages of Spotify

  • Premium version is expensive.
  • Does not provide you lyrics with music.
  • Available in a few countries.

2. Amazon Music- Discover Songs

It is a well-known marketplace founded in 1994 in the United States. You can get unlimited products on this site. In 2007, the developer of Amazon launches Amazon music with which you can access unlimited songs of your desire.

Among other Free Legal Mp3 Music Download Sites, it is another best music platform. Moreover along with other Mp3 Music Download Sites For Free you can get free music that can be streamed on any of the devices in offline mode. It is one of the legal sites to grab free music as well.

Advantages of Amazon

  • Provides three months free trial period.
  • Access 90 million songs in High quality.
  • Get on-demand ad-free music.

Disadvantages of Amazon

  • Does not provide you with a live radio option.
  • Does not support Podcasts.
  • You cannot create a playlist of your choice.

3. Apple Music-Hear Sound All-Around

It is another best Mp3 Music Download Sites For Free that is launched in 2005 and allows music lovers to get songs instead of full albums. It provides you organized playlist and live radio.

Among other Free Legal MP3 Music download sites, this site also provides you unlimited music playlist to download and play offline. Moreover, with Apple Music, you can experience audio with dynamic head tracking for music that surrounds you.

Advantages of Apple Music

  • Get 1 month free trial period.
  • Provides a huge music Catalog.
  • Helps you to connect with your favorite artists

Disadvantages of Apple Music

  • Standard Podcast performance.
  • Premium version is expensive.
  • Apple protects digital access to its songs.

4. Internet Archive-Download &Stream Music

Among other Free Legal MP3 Music Download Sites it is a site founded by Brewster Kahle in 1996. It is a nonprofit library of millions of books, software, movies, songs, and many more.

Along with other Mp3 Music Download Sites For Free to download music this site also offers free Podcasts, audiobooks, live music, and radio program. You can get 2 million free digital songs. It also allows you to sort the track with its language, creators, etc.

Advantages of the Internet Archive

  • Provides huge song catalogs.
  • Get old news and current affairs presentations or audio recordings.
  • Allow the public to upload or download digital material.

Disadvantages of Internet Archive

  • Does not provide you with music lyrics.
  • Does not guarantee you high sound quality.
  • You cannot make a customized playlist.

5. Google Play Music

It is another best Free Mp3 Music Download Sites For Android Phones that is launched by Google in 2020. It is an element of Google that is specially designed for Android users to download or stream music of their choice.

You can listen to any of your desired music from anywhere. The most important aspect of this site is that your all music will be saved in your user account and your phone memory remains constant. 

Advantages of Google Play Music

  • Huge library of about 20000 songs.
  • Allow you to create your personalized playlist.
  • Enable you to share your music directly through Google Plus.

Disadvantages of Google Play Music

  • Does not support iOS.
  • Premium subscription is expensive.
  • The sound quality is not good.

6. Last.FM-Explore Top Music

It is one of the best Free Legal Mp3 Music Download Sites founded in the United Kingdom in 2002. With this website, you can easily share any of your favorite music at any time.

It is considered to be a versatile site because it allows you to see reviews of the music, get detailed information about artists, etc. Moreover, this app also provides notifications about live concerts going on nearby you.

Advantages of Last. FM

  • You can keep a record of what you listen to.
  • Allow you to check what you listen to the most and stream song based on that knowledge.
  • Supports a wide range of Platforms.

Disadvantages of Last FM

  • Does not provide you with compositions.
  • Audio quality is low.
  • You have to update your subscription regularly.

7. Bandcamp- Discover Amazing New Music

Among other Mp3 Music Download Sites For Free, it is a site founded in 2007 in America. It is a site on which different artists share music by naming a price.

It is among free legal MP3 Music Download Sites with which you can download any of the music of your choice for free. You can also see the trending music or new tracks.

Advantages of Bandcamp

  • It helps an artist to adjust pricing to their liking.
  • Provides batch uploading option.
  • Offers Ad-free video hosting.

Disadvantages of Bandcamp

  • Much content isn’t relevant to Music.
  • It lacks a customization option.
  • Does not provide good audio quality.

8.CCTrax-Free Music Downloads

It is another best site among Mp3 Music Download Sites For Free that helps you to download any of your desired music for free without any subscription. It provides you unique layout so you can search for the desired music according to the license and genre.

It provides you with multiple categories of music like Electronic, Dub, etc. So we can say it is another best choice to listen to the tunes or music without signing up.

Advantages of CCTrax

  • Free of cost site.
  • Provides audio in high quality.
  • Huge library of unlimited songs to download.

Disadvantages of CCtrax

  • Does not allow you to customize your music library.
  • Does not provide you lyrics with music.
  • Few songs may be missing in the library.


Among other Mp3 Music Download Sites For Free, YouTube is considered to be the famous site from where you can find unlimited songs of your desire for free. It is founded in 2005 in the United States and people also use it for live streaming or broadcasting.

The most important aspect of YouTube is that you can download the audio as well as videos with lyrics. You can convert Video songs into audio and then download them via YouTube.

Advantages of YouTube

  • Provide you an option to download music of any quality your want.
  • Free of cost platform.
  • You can connect with a massive audience.

Disadvantages of YouTube

  • YouTube does not focus on quality content; sometimes inappropriate content is also uploaded.
  • Lots of Ads appear while converting music.
  • Some people also use it for discrimination or insult.

10. Gaana

It is another best site among Free Legal Mp3 Music Download Sites that is launched in 2010 by Times Internet. This app provides you Bollywood as well as international songs catalog to download.

You can search for your desired song according to the genre. Moreover, you can also make a customized library of music of your choice.

Advantages of Gaana

  • Provides you with live radio and Podcast options.
  • Get a variety of old and trending songs.
  • Offers you the best audio quality song.

Disadvantages of Gaana

  • You have to pay to download songs.
  • Doesn’t work in most countries because it is an Indian site.
  • Some of the content is removed because Gaana failed to renew the license.

Wrapping Up

An avid song lover can download songs of their desire from different Legal MP3 music download sites. These sites provide you with a huge catalog of songs of High quality. To make your boring life much more exciting with Music, reach out to these sites and download unlimited content. Also, share these sites with others.


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