How to Upload EML to Office 365 Account Directly?

Would you want to upload EML to Office 365 accounts? Just follow the instructions in this post. Import EML files with complete properties to an Office 365 cloud account.

Though desktop email clients have their own value, users may need to transition from desktop apps to web-based platforms to take advantage of new capabilities.

When using email applications such as Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and others, users must interact with EML files, which are the most often used file type.

Customers who want to understand how to transfer EML to Office 365 platforms so they can take advantage of the advantages of working in the cloud from any device may use this article as a reference.

Comparison of EML Files and Office 365

EML is a file format for electronic mail, often known as email. It’s a file extension for an electronic mail message that uses the Internet Message Format protocol to preserve it.

Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and other basic email applications are all compatible with it. However, as technology advances, people are shifting to more adaptable platforms. As a result, many customers desire to upload EML to Office 365 accounts.

Office 365, on the other hand, is one of the most popular online cloud email clients. Within your email, you’ll find an integrated calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and bookmarks.

The issue now is why someone would want to upload EML to Office 365. A few reasons for importing EML to o365 migration are listed below.

Why User Need to Upload EML to Microsoft Office 365

  1. We all know that since Office 365 is built and developed by Microsoft, it is more trustworthy and useful to users.
  2. It allows customers to manage their email accounts in a secure and cost-free manner.
  3. Allow users to work with and access their data at any time. It is specifically developed to assist both professional and self-employed users in building contemporary businesses.
  4. Office 365 is a safe and secure cloud-based email service that lets users send and receive emails as well as using Word, Powerpoint, and MS Excel online.
  5. It consolidated all of your attachments into one location, eliminating the need to search for files. You may preview it, share it, upload it to the cloud, or resend it.
  6. You may share draughts with others to gain feedback on your email before sending it out.

Upload EML files into O365 Account by Automated Solution

EML Converter Tool is a safe and secure tool that allows you to upload EML to Office 365 without losing any data.

It is specifically built with a cutting-edge algorithm to convert EML files to O365, as well as Gmail, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, HostGator, Amazon WorkMail, and other popular email clients. It also enables users to convert files to PDF, PST, and other file types.

Steps – How to Use EML to Office 365 Converter Software?

  1. Install and run the EML to Office 365 migration tool.
  2. From the software panel, go to the.eml file/folder.
  3. Examine the Required EML folder and get a glimpse of it.
  4. Select the IMAP Saving option under the Export tab.
  5. Click the export option after entering your Office 365 login credentials.

How to Use EML to Office 365 Converter Software

Advantages of EML to Office 365 Migrator

Users will profit from this program in a variety of ways. In the next sections, we’ll go through a few of them:

  • Quick and Advanced Search Role: The EML to O365 Migrator is a powerful tool. It has a filter function that allows you to filter undesirable EML emails using various criteria such as the topic, To, and so on.
  • Batch EML to O365 Conversion: The ideal approach is to use EML to Office 365 migration software. It exports EML files in bulk to O365 while maintaining data integrity.
  • EML to Office 365 transfer is a simple-to-use program that allows you to preview emails before migrating. It has a continuous user interface. The user may see the full preview of emails as well as their attributes.

Frequently Asked Question

Question 1: I’d want to convert numerous emails to Office 365 using an EML email. I discover many applications accessible in the present market, but I am unable to do so due to a lack of specialized knowledge. Is it possible to achieve this with your software?

Answer. Yes, this tool is capable of transferring a large number of EML emails to Office 365 accounts. There is no restriction to the size of the EML file that may be exported into an O365 account.

Question 2: What are the limits of the trial version of this EML into Office 365 conversion software?

Answer. The program’s trial version only exports the first 50 items from each EML folder. If you want to transfer an infinite number of objects without any restrictions, purchase the appropriate license and activate the program.

Question 3: During the migration process, does the program preserve the record structure of EML files?

Answer. Yes, while uploading EML to Office 365 profiles, the EML to Office 365 conversion application keeps all attachments.

In a  Nutshell

The conclusion of this post is that for upload EML to Office 365 accounts is simple and straightforward. It’s a simple and quick approach that maintains data integrity in general. The best solution for archiving EML files to an O365 account is this EML to Office 365 conversion tool. Using this instrument will not need any unusual labor or specialist skills.

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