How to Save GIFs on Android Phone Easily

Communication over the mobile phone is one of the most used methods to convey messages and emotions. Simple text messages and the use of symbols do not seem enough to express emotions.

Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) is a fun and easier way to deliver messages and emotions via an online medium. GIFs can be made from the favorite scenes of movies, shows, games, or other videos.

GIFs can contain text embedded in them. If the GIFs are available on Android phones, it is pretty easier to save them. If not, the users have to save GIFs on their Android phones.

Ways to Save  GIFs on Android Phones

There are multiple ways by which GIFs can be saved on Android phones. The four basic ways are:

1. Save using Web Browser

Web browsers are the best way to download any information, image, or data. Different kinds of pages can be downloaded directly from Google. There is an image section in Google where you can find simple images and GIFs of any type.

To find a GIF, you simply have to go to the search bar and type your desired term. For example, “Adele” and then add GIF with the term. (Adele GIF). Without adding GIF in the search term, Google will show simple images relevant to that term.

After searching the relevant GIF, you will be shown multiple options. You can select anyone. Once selected, you need to click on the GIF. Click again on the GIF and hold it for some seconds. A menu will be shown.

The menu can be different on different Android phones. Click the option “Save Image” or “Download Image”.
Your selected GIF will be downloaded and will be shown in your gallery. It can be easily shared in messages or during conversations from that gallery.

2. Save using Third-Party Apps

If you find it difficult to download a GIF from the web browsers, the best alternative is to download a dedicated app where you can download GIFs. There are plenty of apps available on the Google Play Store. There are both free and paid apps available on the Google Play Store.

One of the most famous apps is the Giphy App. Giphy App is a free download and uses the app. All the GIFs available on this app are free to download. It contains a whole library of GIFs collection. The users can also upload their own created GIFs on the app.

The app is very easy to use. The whole process contains some simple steps. You just need to open the app, search for your favorite GIFs and save them.

You just need to open the app and the huge collection of GIFs will be shown. If you need a particular type of GIF, just go to the top in the “Search” bar and search the GIF with your required term. When the GIF is selected, click the GIF. Now click the Three Dots icon and some options will be shown.

Click the “Save GIF” and wait for the GIF to be saved. Once the GIF is saved, a prompt will be shown “GIF saved to the device”.

All the GIFs downloaded from the Giphy app will be saved in a separate folder named “GIPHY” on your Android phone. You can easily share these GIFs with anyone through different messaging options.

3. Transferring from PC to Android Phone

The third option is to transfer GIFs from PC to Android phone. It is a lot easier to download GIFs faster on a PC as compared to a mobile phone.

You can download multiple GIFs on a PC. Once the GIFs are ready, connect your phone with the PC. It can be done by using a simple charging cable of the phone.

The PC will show when the phone is connected and ready to transfer data. Once ready, just copy and paste all the GIFs to the relevant folder. The data will be easily moved from the PC to the Android phone.

After finishing, disconnect the phone from the PC and all the GIFs will be shown on your phone.

4. Save using Other Sites

Using Google is an easier way to download GIFs but there are plenty of other websites which can help to download GIFs as easier as they are on Google. Some of the prominent websites are Tumblr,, and Pinterest.

Users can also save GIF from Twitter. These sites contain some unique GIFs which are usually not found on Google.

The process of saving GIFs from these websites is also simple and easy. You just need to search for your favorite or required GIF, click the one you selected, press it a little longer, and save it to your phone.

Wrapping Up

Using GIFs in your conversation gives them a different and fun look. It makes the conversation interesting. All the methods given above to save GIFs on Android phones are good and helpful. Any of these can be used at the user’s convenience.

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