How to Bump a post on Facebook?

In the modern era, the use of social media is increasing worldwide and now everyone is a part of Social media. People are also using Social media for business perceptive as well. Social media platform like Instagram and Facebook is widely increasing among people.

People consider Facebook to be the best social media site for communication and technology due to its explosive growth around the globe. Facebook is one of the most widely used social networking platforms in the world, with more than a billion users.

On Facebook, you can connect with anyone around the globe in real-time for nothing. Everyone has a Facebook account in today’s environment. People create multiple pages for advancements and network building.

Due to Facebook, your personal and professional networks both grow very well. You can publish content, sell goods, start a business and learn things via Facebook. Other members of Facebook also have different stories and goods to share with everyone. If you want that your post or story moves to the top of the list then you have to bump it up in the group.

What do you know about Bump a post on Facebook?

Bumping a post means boosting up your post likes, and comments so that it will attract more people to your business and your business will flourish more and more. Boosting up your business page on Facebook will increase more exposure to the Facebook community.

Why do we have to bump a post on my Facebook Business Page?

People bump their posts since it can raise their visibility as well as that of their accounts. People will do this because they want their posts to be well-known, especially in Facebook groups. Bumping Facebook’s post also resembles that you want still want a response on your page or post. But here the question is How to Bump a post on Facebook?

Methods of How to Bump a post on Facebook

If you want to run a business or want to boost up your sales post then here we will discuss how to bump a sales post on Facebook and also, we will discuss methods of How do you Bump a Post on Facebook marketplace.

It is quite normal that you have two ways to use Facebook, firstly with Facebook mobile app and secondly via a computer or from a web browser. Don’t worry about the device you are using to operate Facebook, here we will discuss methods on How to Bump a post on Facebook on any device.

There are two basic methods on How to Bump a post on Facebook

1. Using a Personal Computer

By following simple steps, you can bump a post on your Facebook business page while using a web browser.

Step1: Firstly, open up your Facebook account on any of the web browsers of your choice. But keep in mind to connect internet on your personal computers.

Step2: Login into your Account by giving your username and password in the dialogue box that appears on the screens.

Step3: After signing in, select the Facebook group you want to post to and bump it. There would be no issue if you are already a group member.

Step4: Some groups, however, might not be open to outsiders if you are not. So, we are unable to post anything. In this scenario, we must first make a membership request. Once you’ve located the group, click on it to go there.

Step5:  After becoming a member, you can post anything in the group whether a post, any image, or a video. If you have already posted it before, then find the post to get it bumped.

Step6: You can also bump a post by entering bump in the comment section of that post and clicking enter. After that whenever you open up that page, your post will be shown on the top.

2. Using Mobile Phones

If you are using a Facebook application on mobile phones, then by these steps you would understand how to bump a post on Facebook.

Step1:  Open up the Facebook application by installing it for free on your mobile.

Step2: Login to your Facebook account, just like on personal computers. But on the mobile phone, you can also log in via a mobile number and the same passwords.

Step3: Finding the Facebook group where we want to bump our post is the next step. On the middle top, there would be a search box. The regulations remain the same. Only open groups were accessible to us. If not, we need first to be a part of that group.

Step4: Post the content or locate the post you wish to put at the top after joining the group. We might need to scroll down to discover the post if it was just posted a short while ago. We could bump either our post or someone else’s post, just like previously we have done in other methods.


Step5: Commenting on the post is the next stage in the process of bumping a post on Facebook.

Step6: People would choose a simple method because we are using Facebook on mobile phones.

Step7:  After that type Bump, in the comment section. We could post anything a post or any image or video in the group.  Focus on the words you use in your posts or comments.

Step8: Not all groups would permit the use of “bumps” by members in the comment area. It is t, therefore, use simple and easy words to comment.

Wrapping Up

That’s all! If you want to boost up your business or your page on Facebook, then bump up your post to keep them on the top. Here we discussed some simple methods with which you can bump a post on Facebook easily. Select one of those methods according to the device you are using to operate your Facebook. Also, share these methods with others.





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