Games like Risk – Android, PCs in 2022

Jump for Thrill and Excitement! Games like thrill, action, puzzles, and Risk is a source of enjoyment for everyone. Almost all of us played different games like Ludo, and Monopoly with friends, relatives, etc in our childhood. As Games were a source of joy for everyone and still people love to play different games like Risk. In our dull life, games become a source of happiness and joy.

When we are at the age of 6 or 7 almost all of us have seen our elder brothers playing Risk Games. Risk Game is one of the famous games among people in the 80s century. It is developed by Albert Lamorisse in 1957 it is a simple Dice rolling game for attacking and defending and people know it as a Risk Game.

But now this game has been released in various forms with unlimited innovations like Risk: Games of Thrones and Risk Legacy and many more. These involve a strategy and luck in every game like Risk. Now with the innovation, there came unlimited games with HD quality graphics, and are famous around the globe.

The Best Games like Risk

If you want to get different games like Risk that bring enjoyment and can be played with strategies, tactics, and logistics, then Go for different Games like Risk Board Game that provide you a new kind of experience and thrill.

The List Below contains The Best Games like Risk.

1. Axis & Allies

Developer: Larry Harris

Release Date: 1981

Mode: Multiple players

Genre: Tactics, strategy, economics, teamwork, logistics

 The top Game among the list of Games like Risk is Axis & Allies that is published in 19821, but now almost 19 to 20 edition of this game is published around the globe with a much better gaming experience.

The interface of this game is just like heritage and history. You feel like playing in the battle of World War 2 in which you have to defeat opponent countries like England, Japan, etc with different strategies and tactics. Among other Games like Risk Board Game, Different editions with different difficulty levels and thrills came into the world to play.

This series of games is designed to play with more concentration, teamwork, and tactics. Moreover, you can play it as a casual game and set up the game between 15 to 20 minutes but the actual gaming edition will take hours to set up.

2. Game of Throne Board Game

Developer: Fantasy Flight Games

Release Date: 2003

Mode: Single, Multiple

Genre: Strategy / Fantasy

Game of Thrones is one of the best Movie series that came in 2011 on Netflix. Almost all of us love to watch it but due to some reason, it was gone from the TV screens in 2019. But Developer has developed Game of Throne editions with the same strategy as Risk and people love to play them.

Among other Games like Risk Board Game, It is said to be a famous game that is known by everyone. The GamePlay of this game is quite impressive and risky as each player has to control one major house in Westeros.

This game aims to get control over your enemy by diplomacy, strategy, and war and rise onto the iron throne. It is up to you to play with unlimited people on the team and you have to go through all 10 rounds and the player with the most territory will win the game.

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3. Small World

Developer: Days of Wonder

Release Date: 2009

Mode: 2 to 5 players

Genre: Strategy

Another game on the list of highly recommended Games Like Risk Android is Small World with a casual gaming strategy. It provides you best quality graphics and the rules of the game are very much easy and simple. You can complete this game within just 15 to 20 minutes and is based on Risk more than Luck.

In other games like Risk, you only have one map to play but in this game, you have 4 maps to play and the selection of maps only depends upon the number of players playing the game. In this game, you have to select the Race of a player like Trolls, giants, etc with different abilities and forces.

It is said to be quite a different game as it is up to you to select the power of your player. Like in other games you have to defeat different territories but in this game, you can fly and win the race. You have to occupy different territories and win the coins. Players with the most coins will win the game.

4. Rise of Nations

Developer: Big Huge Games

Release Date: 2003

Mode:  Single-player, multiplayer

Genre: Real-time strategy

 Another iconic game in the list of Games like Risk Pc is Rise of Nation which is a merger of traditional as well as a real-time game elements. This game aims to build up your nation and conquers the world. This game is based on strategy, diplomacy, and tactics.

The graphics of this game is quite historical but still, it is famous among the people who love to play other games like Risk. In this game, you have to build up new cities with improved structures, and also you have to expand your borders.

You can also put forth military force with different weapons like tanks, canons, guns, etc to protect your nation from an enemy. The main aim of this game is to expand your borders by defeating your enemies.

5. Diplomacy

Developer: Allan B. Calhamer

Release Date: 1959

Mode: 2 to 7 players 

Genre: Tactics, Strategy, Psychology, Negotiation

Next on the list of best Games like Risk Board Game is Diplomacy which depends upon negotiation, Compromise, cunning, and ruthlessness. It does not involve luck and there are some strategies to know to play this game.

You have a wide number of variants like classic, chaos, and war to select and assign each player a nation. More than six players will play the game and each player will control the country leading up to WW1.

Each player tries to form a county and betray an alliance with other players. It is a game that allows you to negotiate with other players. It is said to be the best game with which you can discover the true character of your friend.

6. Dominion

Developer: Donald X. Vaccarino

Release Date: 2008

Mode: 2 to 4 players 

Genre: Resource management, Planning

Another game in the list of Games like Risk Android is Dominion and I hope everyone is familiar with this game. It is a strategy-based board game and allows you to put all your skills into the game.

The gameplay of this game is quite interesting as you were a king in-game and you have to increase your kingdom by winning as much land as you can win.

Your opponent party also tries to acquire land but you have to apply different tactics to defend yourself. It is a deck-building game in which you have two phases, victory point or action card.

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7. Dust- An Elysian Tail

Developer: Humble Hearts

Release Date: 2012

Mode: Single-player

Genre: Action role-playing, hack, and slash, Metroidvania

Next in the list of Games Like Risk Pc is Dust which you can play in two different settings like Premium or Epic rules. I recommend you to play with Premium settings because it took 2 hours to complete the game.

You have to play and fight to conquer the world. In this game, you can buy unlimited units, and also provides you with different miniatures figures like tanks, fighters, etc with which you can create your army.

It is a card-based game in which each player has to draw the card to disclose the move he or she wants to play with which ability or skill. It is an attacking war game with five elements which is Combat Score, Production scores, Tiebreaker score, Special abilities, and movement scores.

8. Twilight Struggle

Developer: Playdek

Release Date: 2005

Mode: 2 Player

Genre: Strategy

It is one of the best Games Like Risk Android with various versions. But the most epic version is Twilight Struggle which is based on war, tactics, and different strategies.

In this game, you have to select your nation from the world map and build your army to attack the enemy and defeat your nation. The Gameplay of this game is somehow similar to the other games like Risk in which you will get two superpowers and your main aim is to conquer a nation by attacking the enemy and win the game.

By winning more and more coins you can unlock more and more weapons. If you love to play the fighting game then you have to try this game also.

9. LUDO: The Dice Game

Developer: Appindia Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Release Date: 1896

Mode: 2 to 4 players 

Genre: Board game, Race game, Dice game

It is one of the best games like Risk Board Game played and liked by people all the time. It has simple gameplay just like Ludo.

In which you have a board with four different colors Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue, you have to select one color and have to struggle to win by taking all your four pieces towards the winning point or we said it to complete a round by winning first.

You have to throw the dice and according to the number on the dice, you have to run your token from start to finish. It is an epic game that involves risk, strategy, and luck.

10. Monopoly

Developer: Glu Mobile

Release Date: 1935

Mode: Minimum of 2

Genre: Board game, strategy, tactics

 It is another traditional game among other Games like Risk Android that is based on different tactics, and strategies and is also said to be a board game. Four or more 4 players are allowed to play the game and wait for their turn in the cycle.

You will be provided money to buy a card. All the remaining money remains in the bank and is handled by a person called a banker. In this game, each player has to roll the dice and move his piece according to the digits on Dice.

There are unlimited properties on the board and if you land on a property that isn’t owned by anyone then you can buy that property and the next time any of the players came on to your property have to give you payment written on the property card. At last person with more property and money wins.

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Wrapping Up 

There you have it! There came a handful of exciting Games like Risk that can be played with strategies, tricks, and a lot of risks. So if you want more excitement and thrill then play these games and enjoy. All the games are epic and worth playing. So select one and share it with others as well.

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