6 Zumba Apps – Android, iOS in 2022

Grooving at your favorite beat with just the right steps can be a beneficial exercise for you. You don’t need dumbbells or treadmills or any other heavy exercise machines to get your body toned. You can do exercise at your home with just simple Zumba Steps.

Zumba is an exercise technique in which you have to dance in a proper pattern to lose extra kg. Zumba lets you lose weight quickly while having fun. The technique is very popular these days and most trainers are using this technique at their gyms.

However, you don’t even need a gym for it. You can do Zumba at home. There are many apps that can help you do Zumba at home. These Zumba Workout Apps will let you dance to your favorite beat and will record time for you and also keep you updated with the right movements and tricks to lose weight faster.

Benefits of Zumba Workout

These Zumba Fitness Apps will tone up your body and will give you just the right figure. Here are discussed some benefits of doing Zumba

  • Helps burn calories and fats faster.
  • Keeps joints and bones strong, thus improving coordination.
  • Target the whole body instead of a single part.
  • Increase heart rate, improving endurance and heart strength.
  • Better blood flow and oxygen transfer through veins.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Enhance dancing abilities.
  • Helps you make new friends at the gym.
  • Important of them all, you will enjoy doing it!

The Best Zumba Apps

The hassle of going to the gym and working out using heavy machinery is resolved by these good Zumba Apps. These Zumba Apps for iOS and Android are available for you to dance to your beat and lose extra kgs.

The list of Best Zumba Apps is given below.

1. Body Groove

Body Groove, an app by Body Groove LLC, has workouts that take simple dance motions and allow you to personalize them by adding your own flair and personality, as well as tailoring each action to your specific needs.

You’ll receive the exact exercise you need without overworking your body.  You’ll gain strength, a toned body, and more flexibility every time you Groove, whether you’re new to working out or a professional dancer.

You’ll never want to do monotonous follow-the-leader exercises again after you’ve experienced Body Groove’s perfect combination of structure and personal flexibility.

Also, you as a member can enjoy unrestricted access to over 100 dance routines, as well as live sessions and life-changing programs enabling you to get healthy in all aspects of life.


  • 100 dance routines.
  • Live sessions.
  • Customized workouts.
  • User-friendly Interface.


  • Bugs while using the app.
  • Charges for premium features.

2. ZIN Play – Zumba Fitness

ZIN Play is a product of Zumba Fitness LLC and is one of the best Zumba Apps for iOS and Android that helps you get music recommendations based on your playlists, and also enables you to search for tracks by keyword, rhythm, and BPM.

You may add sound effects and shorten the length of your favorite music, and the perk is, that you can even include a drink break!

You’ll get Mega Mix choreography, as well as specialized and extra videos, even if you are not very fond of digital practices.  You may listen to your playlists without using Wi-Fi or mobile data in class.

The app has additional Volume settings that allow you to adjust your playlist from different music sources. Also, there is a crossfade option between songs to ensure a smooth transition.


  • Favorite tracks are available.
  • Suggestions according to a playlist.
  • Shorten the length of the track according to your needs.
  • Additional sound effects.
  • Sync your content.
  • Works without Internet.


  • Bugs while using the app.
  • Delayed app support.


SYNC Go is an all-in-one application for creating music playlists, created exclusively for the Strong Nation teacher network. All members can use the app to receive their Strong Nation-provided monthly music and video content.

For each Strong Nation lesson, members can select a custom playlist. SYNC Go allows you to cut songs to a suitable length that you choose to match your class’s needs.

Members may also get instant access to recordings and the most up-to-date Strong Nation teaching tools. Only current licensed, premium Strong Nation Instructors who are part of the ‘SYNC’ program have access to the app. To verify membership status, you must first sign in.


  • Access the fitness teaching videos.
  • Create a customized playlist.
  • Lengthen your favorite songs according to your needs.
  • Sync your favorite content.
  • Access playlists offline.


  • Premium membership of Strong nation network required.


ClassBuzz, the Zumba® Instructor Network’s proprietary mobile app, allows you to in branding yourself on social media like a pro. You can now quickly create and customize material to promote yourself and your Zumba® sessions.

Exclusive Zumba® branded material, including photos, videos, animations, memes, patterns, and more, allows you to express yourself.

You must select a template from the class, event, or meme categories. Alternatively, start from scratch with a blank canvas.

Choose a backdrop and add text, stickers, and GIFs to make your post unique. Click to share your content across all social media channels with your students and followers.


  • Secure to use.
  • Major Bug Fix with each update.
  • Active ClassBuzz Support.
  • Design is attractive.
  • Helps people follow up with interest properly.


  • Need more privacy.
  • Sometimes slow support.

5. I Dance

IDance is one of the Zumba Fitness Apps by 3D4Medical from Elsevier. IDance is a lively and enjoyable method to stay in shape.

The app will teach you popular dance moves while also working out and shaping your body. It will teach you popular dance moves while also working out and shaping your body.

The trainer will lead you through steps and techniques for a number of dance genres, including Club Freestyle, Disco, Bachata, Salsa, and Samba, as well as Burlesque, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Merengue, and Swing.


  • 225 individual dance animations.
  • Switch between front and side views.
  • Four levels for dance – Basic, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
  • Warm-up and Cool down sessions.
  • iCloud support to back up your favorites.


  • App is paid.
  • Sometimes crashes while using.


With the EverDance Zumba app, you can learn to dance. The app has personal dancing classes and the greatest dance exercises. You can learn how to choreograph a dance.

With EverDance, you can do butt workouts, cardio, and plank workouts. You can share your moves on TikTok, Instagram, and Dubsmash.

With EverDance, you can do butt workouts, cardio, and plank workouts. You can experiment with different styles, dances, and workouts.

Ballet classes, twerking, hip-hop, pop, step dancing, salsa, butt workouts, leg workouts, and plank challenges are all options available in the app.   Dance classes, weight reduction, booty workouts, and a variety of other fitness options are available.

EverDance is one of the Best Zumba apps for ladies who want to lose weight. You can try their daily workouts and exercises, as well as butt workouts and leg workouts.

There are dancing lessons that will teach you how to dance. It makes no difference if dancing is your way of life or you simply want to be in shape by practicing dance workouts. There’s no need to go to the class; simply use the dancing fitness app.


  • Secure to use.
  • Learn dance steps also.
  • Multiple Exercises and Workout plans.
  • Major Bug Fix with each update.
  • Support System works efficiently.


  • Lacks few privacy controls.
  • Need to add more features.
  • Sometimes slow support system.

Wrapping Up

That’s all! These are the Zumba Fitness Apps you should definitely give a try. These Zumba Apps will let you enjoy your exercise and turn it all into fun. The apps are up-to-date and contain unique features. In order to get the best-suited one, you have to try 2 or 3 of them.

Zumba should be part of your exercise regime and you should definitely make some space in your phone for one of these apps. Have a Happy Zumba!

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