8 Voicemail Apps for Android & iOS in 2022

Sometimes during important meetings or conversations, continuous calls or messages will sometimes irritate you and you also don’t have much time to respond them back. But sometimes calls that your ignored were most important.

In that case, many VoiceMail Apps for Android & iOS is developed with which automatic message or alert would e sent to other people that you were busy with. If you are busy, then use Voicemail apps to communicate with people by simply recording the voice and sending it in form of voicemail to your friends or family.

Voicemail system is basically a system that allows its users to save voice messages on a server so that other people can listen to that mail when they have time.  It is just like Email but the difference is that in voicemail you can send messages in form of voice recordings.

Now with better technology, voicemail systems are also getting better. Voicemails can now be saved and stored for a longer period of time, as well as forwarded to other individuals.

Now due to the easy access of Mobile phones, Voicemails are also accessible on mobile phones. Additionally, using a voicemail is now simpler than ever thanks to the development of visual voicemails. On smartphones, there is an upgraded voicemail feature called Voicemail apps Visual. You can easily check, move, and delete voicemails thanks to it.

The Best Voicemail Apps

There are unlimited Voicemail Apps for Android and iOS that helps you to respond to important calls immediately. Few of these apps are free and few have a premium version with more features.

The list below contains The Best Voicemail Apps for Android & iOS

1. My Visual Voicemail

Developer: Virtual Network Apps

Platform: Android

Size: 4.50 MB

Downloads: 100,000

Price: Free

It is said to be the best among other Voicemail apps for Android because it provides you with a very unique experience while accessing your voicemails. With this app, you can easily browse emails in your inbox and listen to the messages easily.

You may read your voicemail messages whenever and wherever you choose thanks to the app’s voicemail transcription feature. Without dialing voicemail, you may manage the inbox and reply to emails with a single click.

You can use this app for free without changing your voicemail number. By long-pressing the empty space on your home screen and selecting My Visual Voicemail, you can easily add the widget.

Voicemails are now easier to access. You won’t miss any more crucial communications if you navigate to your unread messages.


Developer: Kirusa, Inc

Platform: Android, iOS

Size: 124.1 MB

Downloads: 500,000+

Price: Free 30 days trial

Among other Voicemail Apps That Work it is considered to be the best with a phenomenal user experience. You can efficiently manage your voicemails and get missed call alerts with the aid of this app. InstaVoice will let you know who phoned, even if your phone’s battery failed and they left a message for you.

It is said to be the finest voicemail app because it offers voicemail transcription, which lets you turn your voicemails into readable text. When our inboxes are overflowing, we all become frustrated, it is id to be a lifesaver with an unlimited cloud-based voicemail.

Have you ever mistakenly left the wrong person a voicemail? Not to worry! The only Android app that lets you delete any voicemail is InstaVoice. It also has a voice SMS capability feature. As a result, InstaVoice is a really helpful voicemail app for your phones.

3. HulloMail

Developer: Thumbtel Ltd

Platform: Android,iOS

Size: 54.5 MB

Downloads: 100,000+

Price: 2-week free trial

Next on the list of Voicemail Apps for Android and iOS is HulloMails which provides you with a straightforward or User-friendly interface with which you can get Cutting-edge voicemail services. It provides you with premium features with which you can manage voicemail effectively.

It has a feature of Lite Subscription with which you can listen to your voicemail, read transcribed versions and manage them easily. When your phone is off, you can check your missed calls and make custom greetings for your loved ones.

Now, if you want additional services, sign up for HulloMail Pro. With the HulloMail Lite membership, you receive all of the services as well as the ability to block unknown calls and store an unlimited number of voicemails.

4. Google Voice

Developer: Google LLC

Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Size: 148.3 MB

Downloads: 10,000,000+

Price: Free

Google is the best platform that provides you with unlimited features and one of them is Voice mailing. Grand Central was known as Google Voice but after a few times, Google bought that business and make it Google Voice. This app is said to be the most famous app used in the industry longer than its rivals.

It is said to be the best app among other Voicemail apps for iPhone and Android that provides you with more enhancing features of Voicemails. Utilizing this app is becoming much simpler if you already have a Google account.

It provides you with a free phone number that you may program into your gadget. The program transcribes voicemails and delivers them to your email or text message inbox when you receive them. You can also get a transcription option in Spanish as well.

Moreover, you can also get the message history search option. It enables you to search for previous calls, messages, and voicemails from the storage. Google Voice enables you to send and receive messages from any device, including your PCs, assuming that you frequently use a variety of devices. This software offers inexpensive international calls for business use.


Developer: YouMail, Inc

Platform: Android, iOS

Size: 129.8 MB

Downloads: 1M+

Price: Free

One of the most well-known and widely used Voicemail Apps That Work is YouMail. Additionally, it enables you to create unique replies for each contact.

It allows you to send information that can be required by a caller. You will keep all of the emails that you received on your smartphone or in the cloud. The most important messages can be saved in separate folders.

YouMail, Inc. protects consumers, enterprises, and carriers from harmful phone calls.

By logging into your Email Accounts, you can listen to everything online if you don’t currently have access to a smartphone. As an alternative, you might build your own digital answering machine or even link several phone numbers to a single email.

Your contacts will receive your SMS response if you set up auto-responses for them. Although this app is free but with has unlimited Ads. By using this app, you will come to know that it is a reward-giving app.

6. Voxist

Developer: Voxist

Platform: Android, iOS

Size: 58 MB

Downloads: 100K+

Price: Free, Offers In-App Purchases

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough time to return all the calls because Voxist is here for you that organizes your voicemails efficiently so that you don’t miss any of them. Among other Voicemail apps for Android and iPhone voicemail apps, it Is said to be helpful for business as well.

It also helps you by saving your time by providing you with a voicemail that has been transcribed for you to read. Access to your voicemail information is simple, regardless of whether you are in a meeting, on the go, snarled in traffic, or preoccupied with another client.

It provides you with many additional features like transcribing voicemail in 70 different text languages. It enables you to send personalized greetings messages to your friends or family as well as you can be sent shut-up messages to the scammer as well.

It provides you received voicemails and transcription text via emails. Additionally, Voxist offers unlimited storage space, so you won’t receive a notice that your voicemail is full. Therefore, install this feature-rich app with no ads on your Android or iOS device and properly enjoy voicemail benefits.

7. Ooma

Developer: Ooma

Platform: Android

Size: 4.7MB

Downloads: 100K+

Price: Free

Next on the list of Best Voicemail Apps for Android is Ooma with which you can make calls, listen to the voicemails, and receive calls while you’re away from Home.

By using this app, you can easily manage your Voicemails. Although it doesn’t transcribe voicemails you can use this app to listen to the voicemails.

It is considered to be the best among other Voicemail Apps for Android that helps you to make or receive high-quality phone calls from anywhere.

It provides you an option to call anywhere with a perfect internet connection so you don’t have to worry about cellular plans or charges. If you want a comprehensive phone service then consider this app.

8. KPN VoiceMail

Developer: KPN

Platform: Android

Size: 24.61MB

Downloads: 100K+

Price: Free

It is said to be the best or lightweight app that helps you to access your voicemail messages. After downloading this app, you can get a list of your voice messages. It provides you with new features when you open up a new window by clicking the message you want to hear first.

Among other Free Voicemail Apps for Android, this app can call back immediately, send a voice message directly to the sender, or rewind the voice message to the pertinent sections. If mistakenly you erased the audio messages that don’t worry as this app help you by accessing message until their expiration date.

Among other Voicemail apps Visual it provides you simple to use interface. It doesn’t provide you with excessive features because it was created in a minimalistic manner.

The only drawback with this app is that it is accessible to customers in the Netherlands and doesn’t work on dual-Sim cellphones. So, if you want an app like other Voicemail apps for Samsung then it is not a good choice.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays everyone uses to keep Mobile phones along with them so Voicemail Apps are easily accessible to anyone anywhere and you can easily retrieve your important messages in any free time immediately.

Above mentioned are a few of the best Voicemail apps that will provide you with unlimited features and helps you by transcribing any message in any language. Most of these apps are free of cost so select one of these apps and also share it with others.




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