10 Top Dating Apps – Android, iOS in 2022

In Boring and lonely life, everyone wants excitement and fun to get rid of boredom. Some of us love to watch movies, play games, etc but almost everyone loves to hang out with friends or companions. But it is quite disappointing if you don’t have a perfect soulmate or friend.

Not just for hangouts, you also need soulmates or friends to share your secrets and feelings. Now in the modern world, it is quite easy to find a perfect companion of your interest as the use of social media is increasing.

People make friends on different social media apps. Just like that, now there came different Top Dating Apps similar to Social media that will help you to make friends share secrets and hang out with them so that no one will remain lonely.

The Top Dating Apps

There are unlimited Top Dating Apps available for Android and iOS with the help of which you can find the casual or serious date of your taste. Most of these apps are free and are famous around the globe. If you don’t know about them, then read out this content to get complete information.

The list below contains the Top Dating Apps for Android and iOS

1. Tinder

Developer: Match Group, IAC

Release Date: 2012

Platform: Android, iOS

In the list of Top Dating Apps, Tinder comes on the top of the list that is said to be the scrolling and swiping app that provides you an exciting opportunity to find superficial, potential partners.

Start this app by simply setting your profile and adding a profile photo and a little bit of description about yourself. By doing this, everyone can see you on the internet. Millions of people are using this app and single people nearby can find you via your profile.

It is up to you to select the person of your choice and start chatting. Otherwise, move to the next option. You can chit-chat with the person you like and set up something.

Recently Tinder has introduced multiple other features like video chatting without giving out your personal information, and a safety center feature to avoid someone with which you don’t feel easy.

2. Hinge- Designed To be Deleted

Developer: Justin McLeod

Release Date: 2012

Platform: Android, iOS

Next on the list of Top Dating Apps is Hinge which is somehow similar to the Tinder as it also allows you to find the perfect match of your interest on the internet. Like in Facebook, you make your profile and upload a profile picture, Hinge is just like that in which you can add a timeline photo as well as your interest.

The Feature of Hinge which is quite different from other Top Dating Apps is a matching system with which by just liking or commenting on timeline photos you can get connected with other people of your interest.

Moreover, like other apps, Hinge provides you questionnaires to fill to make a profile but in that questionnaires Hinge asked you for detailed or in-depth questions like religion, politics or plans, etc.

Hinge doesn’t allow you to search for an infinite number of people but you can search for a group of some people around you.

3. Bumbles-Dating, Friends, Bizz

Developer: Whitney Wolfe Herd

Release Date: 2014

Platform: Android, iOS

Another app in the list of Top Dating Apps is Bumbles which is specially designed for Women and is a huge competitor of Tinder or Hinge. It is firstly designed for iOS users but recently Android users can also use this app.

This app works for the ‘Women Message First’ policy which simply means that women have the power to control their Dating Experience. In this app, if you find out a date or a perfect match, women can text the men first in 24 hours otherwise connection disappears.

It simply means that Men can send you messages unless women did not allow them. Few people think that due to this power dynamic, few people will use this app. But according to our in-depth search, this app is earning $300 million in 2020.

4. Coffee Meets Bagel

Developer: Arum Kang

Release Date: 2012

Platform: Android, iOS

Next on the list of Top Dating Apps is Coffee Meets Bagel which is quite similar to other apps as it allows you to find the date of your interest easily. But It is different from Tinder apps in the tinder app you have to scroll and find the perfect date but in this app, you do not have to do this.

Of course, you also have to make a profile in this app without your details. But it has a twist. It is an online dating service that you can join together via the Facebook app. This app provides you with one match every day of your interest which is called a bagel.

The duration of that match is of 24 hours, if you found that match interesting then start to chat with them privately for 7 days.

After 7 days the private chat room expired and disappeared. It is up to you that if you found someone interesting then share contact details within 7 days.


Developer: Chris Coyne; Sam Yagan; Christian Rudder; Max Krohn

Release Date: 2004

Platform: Android, iOS

Among other free dating sites, this is considered to be the best site that does not allow you to find serious relationships. It is said to be the best dating app because you don’t have to sign up via Facebook.

In this app, you will be asked a few questions and this app tries to find out the perfect match for you. Five of the visitors can scroll through your profile in a free version but this can be increased in the premium version.

But the worst part of this app is that anyone can message you at any time. Secondly, for the best results, you have to pay which is very much irritating.

6. Skout

Developer: Skout Inc

Release Date: 2009

Platform: Android, iOS

If you love to make new friends of your interest then scout is one of the best choices among other Top Dating Apps. It is just like a social media platform that allows you to find a new companion and start chatting with him or her.

On this platform, you have to create your profile and a lot of people can reach out via your profile. It allows you to see the photo gallery of others and if you found someone interesting then start chatting with them.

You can be connected with unlimited local people of your interest easily. In its premium feature, This app provides you the ability to see a smaller picture of the user in form of a thumbnail.

7. Twoo

Developer: Massive Media

Release Date: 2011

Platform: Android ,iOS

Next on the list of Top Dating Apps, Twoo is an app that allows you to make new friends of similar interest easily. You can connect with anyone around the globe. But the best part of this app is that you can also find out the people who live nearby you.

In this app just like other apps, you have to make a profile in which you have to give complete information like relationship status, studies, etc. Similar to the Facebook app, you have to give a profile picture so that people can find out about you more easily.

The interesting feature of this app is that you can find people by their age or gender, etc. as per your requirement or need. Moreover, it has a popularity meter with which you can see how much your profile is popular in this app.


Developer: eHarmony.com

Release Date: 2000

Platform: Android, iOS

Among other top dating apps eHarmony is a slightly different app in which you can note connect with the people by looking at the picture, this app helps you to find out a person of your interest and taste.

Like other apps, you have to make a profile in this app too but slightly in a different manner. In this app, you have to give information regarding your interest, your beliefs, your taste, or your physical appearance.

Then you can find out your perfect match. But this app took some time to find the perfect match so you have to wait 24 hours to find dozens of perfect matches of your interest and taste.

In this app, you cannot see pictures of others but later after a complete connection, you can see images.


Developer: Match Group, LLC Support

Release Date: 2014

Platform: Android,iOS

Next on the list of Top Dating Apps, came Match.com which is designed as an online website but now you can download it on Android and iOS.

In this app like Tinder and Hinge app you do not have to signup via Facebook but you have to enter a few details to sign up. With its premium version, you can also see or like other people’s profile photos.

Recently, Match.com is planning a few innovations in their app like they are adding a security feature with which you can alert your connections that you are on a date and you feel unsafe with that person.

Moreover, it is also launching Vibe check with which you can engage in video with friends easily.

10. Badoo

Developer: Andrey Andreev

Release Date: 2006

Platform: Android, iOS

Among the list of best online dating services and different dating sites, Badoo is said to be famous with 400 million users. It is quite similar to the other apps like Tinder or Hinge in which you can find out your perfect partner by making a profile.

The additional feature that this app provides you is that you can start a video chat with any random person by swapping. In the List of Top Dating Apps, this app is the last but not the least app that also allows you to find out match nearby you.

Moreover, this app is famous in 190 countries around the globe. If you are lonely and want to find the perfect partner of your interest, then go for this app.

Wrapping Up

In your boring and lonely life, if you want some excitement and want to make new friends of your interest and taste then go for unlimited Dating Apps. That helps you to get rid of boredom and find your perfect soulmate.

Above mentioned are a few of the apps that are compatible with Android and iOS and are also free. Select one of them and find your true soulmate. Also share it with others.

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