7 Timer Apps – Android, iOS [2022]

Are you a Procrastinator? A person who always delays work with some excuses or finishes it just at the deadline. If yes, you should give these apps a look.

A procrastinator always finds some excuses to delay work like using an excessive mobile phone, listening to songs every time, or scrolling through social networks unnecessarily. How to resolve the issue?

There are many techniques to help resolve the issue including Pomodoro Timer Technique. The Pomodoro Timer technique involves a balanced schedule of working time and relaxing time to get maximum productivity out of a person.

In the Pomodoro Timer technique, you have to set proper timing for breaks you take in the middle of the work. This way you can save several wasted minutes. This is also called Tomato Timer as the technique was developed after cute tomato-shaped kitchen timers.

Besides, there are many apps for this purpose available for use. These are called the Timer Apps or Countdown Apps. The Timer Apps for Android and iOS are available at respective stores.

These Timer Apps will boost your productivity and will help you save extra minutes for resting your eyes. The apps contain a countdown or stopwatch system and a proper schedule system to balance your work and leisure hours.

The Best Timer Apps

Choosing the best Timer App is even time taking these days. A lot of Timer Apps are available in the market that might not contain the features promised. This again will cost you, your precious moments. Following are shortlisted a few Timer Apps after testing and trying them properly.

The list of Timer Apps is given below

1. Forest

Forest, an app of Seekrtech, allows you to grow your own forest, with each tree reflecting your efforts. You have to remain focused to get rewards and unlock lovely trees.

Set your concentration session and plunge into your productivity using the timer mode, or use the Pomodoro approach.

Also, stopwatch mode allows you to start and stop the timer at any point. The app allows you to manage your time more flexibly.

Do not use your mobile while working and keep on reminding yourself to put your phone down when you’re planting. The app motivates you with your favorite quotations and motivational phrases.

This Timer App provides more in-depth data on your focused time to help you adapt your focus habits. Maintain attention with your friends and family at all times and in any location.

Help to make the Earth a greener place by planting real trees!  Take part in a variety of special events tailored to specific servers/regions.sss

2. Seconds – Interval Timer for HIIT & Tabata

Seconds – Interval Timer by Runloop Ltd is widely regarded as the finest interval timer for HIIT and Tabata training on mobile devices, and celebrity coaches and personal trainers all over the world suggest it to their clients.

In the free version, users are allowed to establish as many timers as they like, but once an interval timer has been started, it cannot be reused.

The display is large, full-screen, and color-coded, making it visible from a distance. The display may be used in landscape or portrait mode.

Also included is the compound editor, which allows you to combine many interval timers into a single timer. The app speaks your interval names and can even give you a heads-up on the next interval. There are also other notifications available, such as beeps and bells.

3. Focus

Focus To-Do is a science-based tool that combines the Pomodoro Timer technique with Task Management to push you to stay focused and schedule things properly.

It combines the Pomodoro Technique and the To-Do List into one app, allowing you to record and organize things in your to-do lists, establish a focus timer, create reminders for key chores and errands, and track your work time.

It’s the best software for keeping track of Tasks, Reminders, Lists, Calendar Events, Grocery Lists, and Checklists and helping you focus on work and study. Focus To-Do synchronizes your lists across your phone and PC, allowing you to view them from anywhere.

The app requires you to pick a task that you need to accomplish and set a timer for 25 minutes, stay focused and start working. Take a 5min break when the Pomodoro timer rings.

4. Countdown

Countdown is a free countdown timer and reminder app by Mariano Rezk for key events and important dates in your life. To display your most significant events, add Widget anywhere on your Home Screen.

Friends and family may join in on the countdowns. For your countdown backdrop, use any color you desire. You can get reminders a day or a week prior to your event in addition to getting a message when it’s time for it.

In its premium version, you can select the display format for your countdown. You are free to make as many events as you like.

Calculate a total based on the occurrences of the past. iCloud allows you to synchronize events across all of your devices. Your countdowns can be set to repeat every year. You can adjust your events by proximity.

5. Big Days

Big Days is the latest and most lightweight application by Astrovic App that helps you remember and monitor your activities quickly and easily.

You can view the number of days left following an event or the number of days that have passed. It may be used to remind you of appointments, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, examinations, and festivals, among other things.

You can also set an alarm for each event separately. You can also select a favorite event that will appear every time you open the app. For each event, a notice is generated.

You have the option of displaying a favorite event upon launch. To change the color of the countdown, you can double-click it. Drag the countdown to the desired location; all of the events are listed there.

There are no limits to the number of events you can add. You may alter the app’s color; choose a typeface that you like. Save, print, copy, and use as a backdrop wallpaper by sharing an event on social media or with your favorite programs.

6. TheDayBefore

TheDayBefore is a free Timer App for Android and iOS that automatically calculates the event or the number of days left in your important occasion, so you can always remember to celebrate.

The app allows you to use various symbols and your images as icons to display events on the Status Bar. Multiple widgets can be displayed on the Home Screen in three possible sizes (1×1, 2×1, and 4×2).

There are seven different methods for calculating days. Also, motion stickers and background picture optimization is provided in the app.

The app provides a wide range of attractive icons. You can register widgets by long-pressing on an empty screen and select Widgets from the drop-down menu that appears. Finally, select TheDayBefore in various widgets sizes.

7. Time Until

Time Until, an app by Bruno Schalch lets you create attractive countdowns for any upcoming or previous event with ease. There are hundreds of free photos available in this online collection. Also, live backdrops with motion bring a new style to your countdown.

To visualize occurrences across time, you can use the timeline view. The app is provided with a customizable countdown editor. You can set up reminders to go off before or after an event.

You can choose any unit of measurement for the countdown. The additional perk is that countdowns repeat for recurrent events such as anniversaries.

To display a countdown on your Home Screen, you may use any of a full-sized or a mini widget.  You can sort countdowns by date. There is also an option of full-screen mode and Dark mode.

The app does not take much storage and does not contains many annoying ads. Some premium features include notifications with alarms, unlimited countdowns, an ad-free experience, more font options, text colors, and backup options.

Wrapping Up

By now, you might have picked out your Timer App to improve your productivity. The Timer Apps are not only beneficial for academic and business work but also help in our routine chores like cleaning rooms, doing dishes, workouts, and all those work we don’t really enjoy doing but are compulsive.

These Apps are also beneficial for running, walking, exercising, and zumba workouts. The apps are available for Android and iOS and contain premium features as well. Give them a look and Save you Time.

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