9 SyncToy Alternatives for Windows in 2022

It was quite irritating when you lost your important files or documents and didn’t retrieve them back. Did you ever face such issues? This happens because you did not get a backup of your important data.

Few years back, people use to store important files physically in form of papers in their documents but now due to modern technology, you can back up your files and folders in Google Drive and iCloud. Different backup platforms now automatically store every single change that you made on your phones or in your files, so you don’t have to worry about losing any important document.

Similar to the backup, there is a free tool developed by Microsoft called SyncToy that provides you with an intuitive user interface for synchronizing files and folders on a local or networked PC.

But now on the internet, you can get various SyncToy Alternatives for Windows with which you can easily synchronize your data. But before proceeding towards the best SyncToy alternatives for Windows that provide similar functions to SyncToy, let us discuss the functions of SyncToy.

Functions of SyncToy

• Software makes it simple to keep consistent folder contents over a network or across numerous computers or networks.
• Help you to combine data from two directories in a single file and also manages multiple folders.
• Keep the track of file rename and also make sure that changes you made in your files are saved in your synchronized files or not.

Drawback of SyncToy

• Does not support and transfer encrypted files.
• It does not allow you to synchronize across the internet.

Best SyncToy Alternatives for Windows

Along with the functions it has some drawbacks which is why people use SyncToy alternatives for Windows. In this article, we’ll examine some of the top SyncToy alternatives that work just as well as or better than SyncToy.
The list below contains Best SyncToy Alternatives for Windows

1. Allway Sync

First in the list of best SyncToy Alternatives for Windows is Allway Sync with which you can synchronous your all data between PCs, USB, and internet data storage. It provides you with multiple features like synchronizing multiple folders at once and also links a local drive to the number of external storage devices. In addition to Windows 10, you can install it in Windows 7 and 8 as well.

It is said to be the best SyncToy alternative 2022 that can be installed for free for personal usage but with certain limitations. In this Alternative, you didn’t find any spyware or virus. Moreover, if you want this Alternative for business purposes then you have to get a Pro license.

Allway Sync use to work by duplicating data, not a simple backup method. Every folder that you synchronize has a copy of the folder. When Syncing folders, the same technique is used to synchronize data.

2. Good Sync

It is one of the best SyncToy alternatives for Windows that eliminates the need to save files to a cloud by allowing you to synchronize data across numerous platforms and devices.

It provides you block level synchronization which is responsible for the command’s speedy execution. You can also access files saved on the systems you’ve linked together, which goes without saying.

It may help you to synchronize your devices with cloud storage services like Google Drive, SkyDrive, and others, and even link several folders at the same time.

You can also sync files in numerous threads, each with its own connection to the server, to reduce time. It is also available for mobile platforms like Android and iOS, in addition to Windows and Mac.

3.FreeFile Sync

Another in the list of SyncToy alternatives for Windows is a free file syncing tool, as the name implies. It is an open-source application for backing up and synchronizing on the cloud.

Moreover, this free file synchronization service is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It is said to be an excellent SyncToy replacement for Windows 10.

It has multiple features like auto-updater, parallel sync, portable version, and silent installation in exchange for supporting these initiatives. It does not transfer files every time they are changed; instead, it copies them all at once and only synchronizes the filtered or needed files.


Among other Microsoft SyncToy alternatives, it’s an alternative that is used for the Unix program and synchronizes files and directories from one location to another while minimizing data transmission by employing delta encoding when necessary.

The mirroring takes done with only one transmission in each way, which is a unique feature of rSync not found in most similar programs/protocols.

It may copy or display directory contents as well as files, with compression and recursion as options. It is said to be an open platform and is available in the GNU license.


It is said to be the best SyncToy Alternative 2022 with which you can get a continuous file syncing feature. With this alternative, you can instantly synchronize information between numerous computers without knowing anyone so that you can also get secure synchronization.

You know all your important information and it is up to you to choose how it is delivered over the internet, where it has to be saved, and with whom it has to be shared.

You all data is saved on your personal computers so that none of your data would be hacked. TLS is used to secure all communication, unlike other SyncToy alternatives for Windows. No eavesdropper will ever be able to access your data because the encryption mechanism used includes total forward secrecy.

With this alternative, you can sync as many folders as necessary between your own devices or between different people.

6. Bvckup 2

Among other Microsoft SyncToy Alternatives, it is said to be an easily used file synchronizer. For Windows, data backup is done very quickly. The user interface is quite good, the application is easy to install, and it is tiny in size.


It is dependable for automatic data synchronization between two devices, such as two computers, two networks, or two external storage devices. It performs a similar task as other SyncToy alternatives for Windows and can be worked on any Windows. It is regarded as the best option for performing backups on NAS and external USB drives.

Moreover, you can get real-time backups and enables the source location to continuously monitor and backup all the changes that are founded.

7. Pure Sync

Next on the list of Best SyncToy alternatives for Windows is Pure Sync which is essentially identical to all of the alternatives previously stated. In addition to the obvious synchronization features, it also enables you to transfer data across systems and establish backup folders.

Photo-sync for digital cameras is one of its features, and the SyncToy alternative 2022 takes care to avoid duplicating images that have already been saved to the system.

The software’s creators claim that you may configure it to function any way you like thanks to its configurable settings and user-friendly interface. It is free for personal use, and you get a month to test out the business edition before purchasing.

8.Easy2 Sync

Last but not least in the list of Best SyncToy alternatives is Easy2 Sync which maintains the data synchronization between your computer systems. It doesn’t require any external components in the synchronization process as all your data is saved on your computer.

It is the best alternative among other Microsoft SyncToy alternatives comes up with two options

  • Easy2Sync for Outlook
  • Easy2Sync for Files

A built-in wizard is available in Easy2Sync for Files to help you get started. It’s said to be a top-notch file synchronization program for Windows 10. It also enables you to back up your Outlook emails, sync the Exchange server with Outlook, and sync and share your Google Calendar in addition to doing a number of other functions.

Your web server’s organization may benefit from using subdirectories. However, they could make it more challenging to submit all of your changes. There are no problems with Easy2Sync for Files. By just keeping your files in synchronization, any changes will be detected and shared.

Files from a dozen directories are taken by Easy2Sync while huge transitory files are filtered out. It compiles them into a single, sizable directory tree that is prepared for burning. After configuring it, you can easily create a backup of your important data by pressing a button.

9. Toucan

Last in the list of best SyncToy alternatives for Windows is Toucan. By using this program, you can synchronize, and back up all the data securely in your cloud.

It provides you with five synchronization options that are

  • Copy
  • Mirror
  • Equalize
  • Move
  • Clean

Your data is kept and backed up as 7-zip and regular zip files. The ability to translate and include command line support are additional features. It can also divide into up to 7 tabs, which can make it easier for you to access the functions you need.

Wrapping Up

That’s all! If you want to get rid of issues that you can face when you don’t have a backup of your important files, then go for these SyncToy alternatives for Windows that provide you with a very intuitive interface and can be easily accessible for new people to synchronize all their data.

With these alternatives, you can transfer any data within a second and also can backup all your data anywhere, anytime. So, use one of these alternatives and also share it with others.



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