How to Scan a QR Code on Android

Android is said to be the best operating system worldwide with millions of users around the globe because it provides unlimited features on a limited budget. In the 21st century, people are moving toward the latest technologies that are specially designed for their ease.

Now, it’s quite possible that your smartphone is smarter than you think. Third-party developers created apps for these devices when they initially came onto the market to fully use their features. There is an app for that if you want to use your phone as a flashlight or scanner.

The problem is that these apps eat up space on your phone and that many of them are no longer necessary as a result of the addition of new tools in upgrades. The services also serve other purposes, such as data gathering.

One of the best examples is QR code scanning app. As The use of QR codes has increased dramatically during the past ten years. They are shown in books as well as on restaurant windows, bus stations, and storefronts. They’re a practical technique to swiftly point visitors to particular websites.

Additionally, more devices are created to scan QR codes as they become more common. That includes mobile devices. Any Android device with a camera, including smartphones and tablets, can read QR codes. If you have any idea of how to Scan a QR code on Android then after scanning the code, you are free to access or distribute the URL.

In the beginning, QR Codes were created to advance Barcode technology. Due to their square design, QR Codes can be read both horizontally and vertically, making them more practical.

Before smartphones, inventory management used scanners to read QR Codes. Because of cell phones, the procedure is now lot more sophisticated. You may read the information associated with QR Codes by scanning them. You may accomplish this directly with your smartphone camera or with a smartphone app.

Methods of How to Scan a QR Code on Android phone

There are lots of methods to know how to scan a QR code on Android Phones. Let us discuss them in detail

1. Use your Android’s camera app

Some latest Android phones are specially designed with special features one of them is to scan QR codes on Android Phones. With this simple step, you can understand how to scan a QR code on Android Camera.

Step1: Open your Android phone Camera.

Step2: Point your camera towards a QR code and wait for a few seconds by holding steady your phone.

Step3: Go to Settings and turn on QR code scanning if you don’t receive a notice.

2. Use your Samsung’s camera app

There is a different Samsung camera app to support QR scanning. Let’s discuss them in detail in these simple steps.

Step1: Point your camera app at a QR code, then press the popup that appears. You must activate the functionality if you don’t receive this notice.

Step2: Turn on Scan QR codes in the Camera settings.

3. Scan QR code by Google lens

Google Lens began as a feature exclusive to Pixel phones but quickly spread to many other Android devices. The feature, which is a component of your camera app, can perform everything from translating language to identifying a dog breed. Use it in simple steps and understand how to Scan a QR code on Android phones.

Step1: To use Google Lens, open your camera and select More. Now, every time you open your camera, you may use the Lens icon.

Step2: Google Assistant may also be used to turn on Google Lens. Tap Google Lens in the bottom right after saying “Ok Google.”

4. Scan QR code with your Android Browser

Some Android browsers allow you to immediately scan and read QR codes rather than scanning them with your camera app and then opening their URL separately in your browser.

You may turn on this feature in the Samsung Internet browser on Samsung mobile devices. Useful features may be found by selecting Settings from the three-line button in the bottom right corner of the screen. To add a QR code scanning shortcut to the browser, turn on “QR code scanner,” press your address bar, and choose “QR code icon.”

You can quickly scan a QR code in Firefox for Android by touching the address bar and selecting Scan. In a similar manner, open the Edge app for Android and choose Barcode by tapping the camera symbol in the search box.

Wrapping Up

That’s all! QR code is an ultimate feature that helps you to directly move to the page you want to reach out with a few seconds. So, if you didn’t know how to scan a QR code then try these simple methods to know how to Scan a QR Code on Android phones. Also share these methods with others.



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