Clock Widgets – Android in 2022

Android is said to be a driving force behind all your Gadgets that go beyond merely functioning to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Almost 2.5 billion people use Android Operating System because it also supports 5G phones. It is said to be the best OS with unlimited features at less cost.

Everyone can use it on their tablets or Mobile phones and work more easily and effectively. Among other unlimited features like High speed, More storage.

It also provides you with inbuilt Widgets to get a more attractive display and the most commonly used Widgets are Clock Widgets. It assembles Home Screen and the most important widgets are weather and clock widgets.

It is said to be the best Feature with which you can see little time displayed on the Status bar. But most of the Clock Widgets do not work on most mobile phones.

The Best Clock Widgets for Android

If you want to get Clock Widgets with more functionalities and more customization options, then go for these Clock Widgets for Android. With these Widgets, you can also get event reminders.

The List Below contains The Best Clock Widgets for Android

1. Digital Clock Widget

Developer: Maize

Price: Free

It is one of the best clock widgets for the Home Screen that looks like it belongs on an iPhone. It is a versatile widget with a lot of customization options to help you improve the look and feel of your Android interface.

When this clock widget is added to the iPhone’s home screen, it quickly becomes one of the most popular options among users.

Now all Android devices are compatible with the widget. You can change the size of the clock and resize the clock at any time because it provides you with an option of widget resizing.

It also supports a variety of time and date formats, as well as app pickers that allow you to open any program you desire.


Developer: DvTonder

Price: Free / Up to $2.99

Among other Widgets Clock and Weather, it contains all of the data you’ll need in a single day. With this widget app, you can get updates about news, weather, a clock, calendar entries, stocks, and tasks in a single app.

You can use a widespread widget experience on your home screen to see all of the above-mentioned facts in one glance, or you can pick and choose what you want on your Smartphone. With the help of Pocket, the news part of the clock widget features a “read it later” capability.

It provides you with a Gmail extension with which you can view your emails immediately on your home screen. It is said to be very much attractive because of its capabilities and is considered to be at the top of the list of Clock Widgets that you should try.

The developers believe that by merging aspects such as news, stocks, and the clock, the CPU is relieved of the burden of these activities. However, depending on the type of gadget you have, this could affect your battery life.

3. Another Widget

Developer: Tommaso Berlose

Price: Free

Next on the list of Best Clock Widgets is another Widget which is also said to be a Pixel-Esque minimalist clock widget that is quite similar to the Digital clock Widget.

However, it has more tricks and options than just the standard customization. On Android, the favorite widget of all is said to be “At a Glance”.Among other features, it also provides you an option to get immediate information regarding your scheduled events.

With more innovation and customization options, this widget extends the functionality of the “At a Glance” widget by allowing you to display currently playing songs, custom notes, and a step count.

If you have a Pixel or stock Android handset then you must have a clock widget to get the best performance.

4. Will Graham Clock Widget

Developer: Candice Louw

Price: Free

Another Widget in the list of Clock Widgets for Home Screen is Will Graham Clock Widget which provides you with different other tools categories.

Most recent version of this widget varies with any device. Will Graham Clock Widget has over 10,000 installers on Google Play, according to Google.

It provides you basic, white, or black, analog clock widget based on Will Graham’s clocks from NBC’s Hannibal. It is said to be the most optimized version and can be installed easily from Google Play Store.

Furthermore, you do not have to download or register to start. It is said to be an inspired widget and provides you with four watch faces in black and white tones.

5. Circle Clock

Developer: Zopsoft Technology

Price: Free

Another in the list of Cool Clock Widgets which is straightforward yet very much functional is Circle Clock. It displays the time and date in a circular widget on the home screen.

It provides you with various animation settings like Colors, typeface, and a 12/24-hour clock. In the animation, the seconds are displayed outside the clock as a progress bar.

If you wish to save battery life, you can turn them off. It’s free, straightforward, and works well with most home screen themes.

If this one doesn’t work for you, there’s another program called Round Clock Widget that performs the same thing.

6. Retro Clock Widget


Price: Free

Next on the list of Widgets Clock and Weather is Retro Clock Widget which allows you to customize the Android interface according to your desire.

It is a free widget that is based on the classic flipping clock and provides adjustable style and shortcuts. With this feature, you can improve the interface of your Home screen.

It allows you to add shortcuts to the alarm and calendar apps to make them more accessible. It provides you with multiple features like adjusting transparency, color, and setting shortcut apps which is why it is the best Widget that provides you a configurable look and feel.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the size of the widget according to your need. You can activities it simply by pressing a lengthy empty area on your home screen. By choosing Retro clock from the widget menu you can now keep track of time and date while also getting a new design.


Developer: Laboratory 27

Price: Free / Up to $3.99

Another most distinctive Clock Widget Calendar is called Sectograph which connects a planner to a clock rather than a clock to weather.

Among other Clock widgets, this software is similar to a calendar and displays hours instead of days. With this widget by just filling out the calendar, you can see it along with the time on your Home screen.

It provides you with quite a distinctive interface that you normally see on your Home screen. Sometimes issues appear with Outlook calendar syncing on occasion, and there is a learning curve.

However, for the most part, it works well and is undoubtedly unique.

8.3D Clock Widget

Developer: Smart Widget Apps

Price: Free

With this widget among other Clock Widgets for Home Screen, you can improve the look of your Android phone’s Home screen Interface.

It is said to be an elegant (transparency and color) widget because of its Customizable back plate. It provides you unique silver design with which your phone appearance becomes more attractive.

It is specially designed to keep the track of time. It also improves the aesthetics of your phone’s UI. The widget comes in four sizes: Small (11) Small (22) Medium (22) Large (33) and Huge (44) so you can easily modify the size as per your requirement.

It is one of the useful Clock Widgets that can be activated by long-pressing your Home screen. Set the transparency level to your liking and pick your preferred hue. Enable the second hand if you want it to look like a true analog clock.

9. Cute Clock Widget

Developer: +HOME by Ateam Entertainment

Price: Free

It is one of the best Cool Clock Widgets that suits well with your pleasant personality. It provides you with quite lovely features and natural aesthetics allowing you to channel your inner princess.

This widget has a lot of options for making a statement it comes in three different sizes to fit your Home Screen.

With this widget you can get up to 25 distinct styles, allowing you to modify the look of your Home screen daily. It allows you to set the alarm and calendar in addition to the clock.

To use the calendar and set an alarm, simply tap on the date and time. If you want to open a browser, simply tap on the bottom right corner of this widget.

10. Flip Clock & Weather Widget

Among other Widgets Clock and Weather, it is said to be full-featured Widgets that provide you with all the information you need about time, weather, temperature, and more.

It is one of the best Clock Widgets that gives you not only time but also weather predictions. You can get accurate weather information with this app.

Flip clock style that this widget provides you make your Mobile phone screen more attractive. Moreover, with this app, you can get attractive designs and layout that provides you more elegant interface.

It provides you with multiple weather features like live weather backdrop wallpaper. Furthermore, you can also get notifications and cautions whenever severe weather strikes. If you want to get weekly weather predictions then go for the flip Clock app.

Wrapping Up

That’s all! Android operating system will provide you with multiple Clock Widgets that will help you to make your smartphone’s Home screen more attractive and versatile.

Moreover, most of these widgets are free of cost and provide you with unlimited live wallpaper to enhance the beauty of your Phones. So, select one of them and also share it with others.

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